Thursday, 23 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 8 - Ashburton and Christchurch.

Today Wayne and I headed out on a road trip of a different kind - a shopping road trip!!!
I had always wanted to visit a couple of shops in this area and although I didn't think it was too important, Wayne insisted I see them.  I thought he should play golf - after all we were staying at a golf course but he wanted me to pay them a visit.. He was down right pushy about it and I'm glad he was because we had a fabulous day.  The others are not into shopping so they stayed behind to play golf and this gave us the only time we could use the car.. Everything was falling into place nicely.
We stopped at a bridge not too far from Terrace Downs and I knew I had to take another photo of the colour of the water...gorgeous..

 A little further down the road..
Feeling hungry, we chose a garden centre for brekky.  This statue was outside and was originally a tree branch but had been transformed into a rather large bird by adding metal to it.. very impressive and so was its weight and price... I don't think I have enough room in my luggage to fit this in..
 Here is the cafĂ© - there are others eating here but I was careful not to get them in the shot..
 Do we sit inside or outside.. decisions  decisions
 Inside was just too pretty to be outside - how pretty is this place...
 Breakfast came out and we had decided to order one brekky and share it, so the waitress gave us an extra plate.  I am so glad she did because even when we started to divvy it up it still looks massive..
 Wayne found out that he loves cinnamon in his coffee...
 Take the photo - I'm hungry..
First place to visit was Annie's Country Quilt Store...oh my - too many things to look at..
Excitement plus.....!!! 
 I only took one photo inside - sorry but I was too busy looking at as much as I could...
 I'm glad Wayne was with me, I was able to do some serious shopping while he chatted with the lovely owners and other customers...  They all love him - "my husband wont come into a shop like this", "I wish my hubby would take me shopping" this was all I could here while I was checking it all out...  He never hurries me when I'm in my element which is one of the reasons I love him heaps but having others comment on his presence there made him even more chuffed at being there. 
Roses, quilt store and hubby - am I in heaven??
Next stop was to The Christmas Hut in Christchurch.. Helen had told me about this place being amazing and she was not wrong...  This is a great day - quilt store and Christmas store in one day..woo hoo..
 Wayne wanted a cuddle on the way in... or maybe he thought it was the Bundy
 Now I was so much in my element, and I have to admit that Wayne was too, that I forgot to take any photos inside..  He was too busy chatting to the owners or finding things for me to buy and all I wanted to do was check everything out..  Great shop - love it...will come back here..
I took a quick pic on the way out... sorry..
We didn't see much of Christchurch - just drove through the main area on the way out.  We were starting to worry about how long we had had the car and not knowing the area well, didn't know how long it would take us to get back.  Next time I will spend more time here...
Thank you sweetheart, you are just the "bestest" hubby ever and I am so glad you thought it was a fabulous day too... Love you heaps..

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