Monday, 20 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 5 - Queenstown

This is our last day here before moving on to other adventures..  We are going to miss this place, but I am sure we will be back..
We have been dying to get to this place - so many people have said it is fantastic and when you google places to eat in Queenstown, this place is always up there.. 
The FERGBURGER has such a reputation that everytime we went past,  it had a line going down the
street.  So being the last day here, we decided we would go in early and have one for brekky - burgers for brekky??? mmm could have been worse..
 The line was real short - Wayne being the second customer for the day - what a great idea to eat for brekky and no lines...bonus..
 We ordered the normal burger.
 Now I am never a fan of meat patties and even though I like burgers, I quite often will pull the patty out and give it to Wayne..  well this burger I ate everything, patty and all.  It was well worth the visit and I wish we had thought to do this earlier because now we would love to try their other burgers..I will put this on our bucket list...
 We strolled around town and then headed to the Queenstown gardens.  Wayne wanted to check this place out before leaving this gorgeous town...

 The water is so clear..
Now I know I bombarded you before with lots of rose flowers so I wont do it again, but Wayne thought this park was absolutely gorgeous too....
Look at the size of these daisies...
 Wayne demonstrating how big the trees were..
 After arriving back at the unit, we decided to go to Glenorchy for the afternoon..
On the way, we stopped at the waters edge so the boys could play and I could put my feet in the water..
I know it was cold but it was just something I had to do..
 The guys skipping stones..

 Me taking artistic
 Moving on, the drive to Glenorchy was fantastic - lots of mountainous views, some even with snow on them.. 

 Getting closer to Glenorchy...  how pretty is this view...
 Glenorchy... The old boat shed...
 On the Pier..
 An old railway cupling..

 Being artistic again - I know these were probably weeds but are they not amazing...they were just like little opaque bubbles... one just wanted to pop them - but didn't. 
 We drove down past Glenorchy to see where the Lord of The Rings Black Forrest was filmed but I forgot to take any you will just have to believe me when I say it was a beautiful area..
That's it for day 5..  only 5 more days to go...

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  1. Hi Sandi wow what a wonderful time you are having in such a beautiful place,loving the pics,keep enjoying xx