Saturday, 18 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 3 - Outside Queenstown... part 1

Day 3 found us exploring the outer areas and towns around Queenstown...
Photos cannot describe how blue these waters were and no words come to mind either, so just enjoy the photos. 
 The pier in this photo is where the shotover jet boat departs from - unfortunately we didn't have enough time to do the ride so we have put it on our bucket list for next time..

 The river was gorgeous, the mountains were beautiful and even the ground found me taking photo after photo of what I was seeing..

 Better add some photos of hubby or people might think he is a figment of my imagination..
 ok enough of you - lol..
 Lets try a selfie..  not bad..
 Yep getting better..
 Now hubby is starting to be silly - time to stop taking goose...
 ok one more - don't look kids...
 One more photo here of a pretty red tree...
In winter this is one of the places you would go to ski as it is very high up..

 The area down the bottom reminded me of scenes I had seen in movies of Tuscany - you know the one - Under the Tuscan Sun - one of my favourite movies.
 As harsh as the conditions were at the top of the peak, you could still find beauty in the smallest things.. These little flowers were similar in size to our lantana flowers...
 A closer look... they may just be weeds here but they were pretty ones at that..
 Some selfies...
 Again - don't look kids..
Anyone who loves old places will definitely love Arrowtown - I could have spent all day here but unfortunately we were on a tight schedule and had to make do with the time we had..  I took heaps of photos and have added it to our bucket list as a place to visit again..
Love the old shops..
 Tree lined streets - I did have to stand in the middle of the road for this photo..
 Beautiful surroundings..
 Bakery for lunch - this was the best pie I think I have ever had and the carrot cake was delicious too..must add this to our bucket list too..
 The bakery..
 Wayne and I found this alleyway - how pretty - I can see us sitting here drinking our coffees or sipping our wines..  yep - put this on the bucket list..

 It was a really pretty town - we will make sure next time we spend a lot longer here to explore all that it has to offer..
 I did manage one shop - The Stitching Post - if I was going to go into one shop it  just had to be a fabric shop.  The ladies were lovely and I bought heaps - sorry no photos.. but I did have fun..
 Looking down the town..

 Red telephone box..

 Where are you Tuesday Girls - this cafĂ© is just screaming for us to go in for coffee..The Fork and Tap... Maybe - road trip????
 Looking up the town...
 Some pretty flowers I found outside a shop..

 Leaving Arrowtown...sad face...
Beautiful blue water again - the water over here is spectacular...
 Standing under the Bungy jumping bridge..

 This is about as close as I want to get to the edge of the overhang.. lol
 Looks solid enough..
 Bolts look intact

 Still not keen on walking out there...
 ok have passed the camera to hubby now - decided not to walk out on the bridge....maybe next time but definitely not adding bungy jumping to the bucket list...

 Can I have my camera back now??

Bye pretty water and extremely high bridge....
More pretty streams or rivers considering how long they were...

 I am going to have to make this a two part post as it we crammed so much into day 3 and I have so much to add to this I am taking a coffee break here and will continue with my post soon..

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