Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tuesday Girls and Show n Tell

The Tuesday Girls came to my place today and I thought I should do a little bit of show n tell to prove that I have been creative lately...
So I dragged out some of my finished and not-so-finished projects to show them..
I have been collecting little boxes for a little while - not sure why - but sometimes they just look like a great size or shape and are pretty sturdy in how they are made.  You know the sort - usually
make-up comes in them, jewellery,  or in my case - some of my boxes came from a set of taps.  Any how here is a photo of some of the collected boxes..
I have pulled out some of the boxes and started to play with them, and this is what I have come up with so far...
 I have always loved playing with paper and these ones have been so much fun to make.  I am sure they will come in handy at christmas time for putting pressies in..  I still have some more to play with and I will put them up too when I have done them..
Now moving away from paper craft - while I was on holiday in New Zealand I found some time to do a little bit of stitching..  I prepped this before I went to make it easy to pull out... I am planning on turning it into a wall hanging..
I have also, lately been turning my Natalie Bird quilt blocks into wall hangings instead of making another quilt.. Here is one of them..
I have also prepped all my Welcome Home blocks but I am planning on taking them with me on my next retreat to blanket stitch..
My Lucy Boston blocks have been getting some attention lately too...
Well that's all for my show n tell - moving on to todays get together...
Teresa supplied a yummy morning tea today and while you are checking out the food on the board - take note of her lovely cheese knives...
Helen finished her  gorgeous wall hanging today, so we were able to take a photo of it...
 We had another fabulous day and as the girls were leaving today, I noticed some mail in my letterbox, and to my delight, these pretty washi tapes had arrived...  I was hoping they would arrive so I could admire them and  now that I have them in my mitts I am really looking forward to playing with them...
That's all today...

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunday Stitchers March Meeting

I have some show n tell to put up from our meeting on Sunday.  They are not from me but some very talented ladies that belong to our group..  Actually, everyone is very talented but these are the ones that had show n tell today...
First of all we have Helen's,  aka Sandi's, Splendid Sampler quilt.   Boy did she do a fabulous job on this quilt - I think it is my favourite..
Just hang around for a bit - I will be right back - just going to steal a better photo from Helen's blog because this one does not to it justice...Be right Back...
I'm back - I told you I wouldn't be long..
Here is a better photo of my Helen's quilt.
Helen also brought her - Love Among The Roses quilt..another gorgeous piece..
We also had show n tell from Tatyana..with her owly quilt..
 And Inca had a small quilt/wall hanging too..
Lots of lovely work today girls, you should all be very happy with your finished products, they look great..
Now I didn't take any other photos today - not sure why - too busy chatting I guess but while I was stealing the photo from Helen's blog I noticed some shenanigans that Teresa and myself got up to a couple of Tuesday back..
Helen had been showing us her gorgeous splendid quilt and then she had to leave the room for a while.  Well while the cats away - the mice will play...
Teresa and myself just couldn't help ourselves and used Helen's camera to capture some of our mischief with her lovely quilt..
These are the photos we left on her phone to find at a later date..
Teresa - just remember this is my quilt..lol don't get too comfy..
Now it was my turn...
Hehehehe - we never said a word and just left that day, knowing she would find the photos at a later stage.. 
It took her all of a couple of hours before we started getting messages about how naughty we had been.. but by then we were out of arms reach...lol  

 Next time I stitch something, I will try and remember to take a photo...promise..
Maybe my next post I will put up things that I have been working on....

Saturday, 25 March 2017

An Early Birthday Present

Seeing as Wayne's and my birthdays are very close together, we decided to get something that we could use together..
We use to Kayak heaps years ago and we have always talked about getting back into it.. and it just so happened that BCF had a great sale on and so - ta da - two new kayaks.
This was our first day out using them...I'm not even sure what the name of the place was that we went to...somewhere between Hope Island and Runaway Bay..
 Off to a good start with my favourite brekky - greek yoghurt, fruit and nutty sprinkles.  Then out for a paddle.  I thought we were only out for about 20 minutes, half and hour tops, but it turned out to be an hour.  Just goes to show when you are having fun the time does fly.  We had such a ball - cant wait to go back out... after our paddle we sat and watched the water while having a cuppa... life is great..
Mental note - bring fold up chairs next time..lol
I wonder where we will go next time...

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Wayne's Birthday


We all met at sizzler's for breakfast for Wayne's birthday.  We love it when the kids all get together - better than any present you could think of.  I know Wayne loves spending time with them and is always happy when they are near..
Happy birthday my darling hubby - love you heaps and heaps...love wifey..xxx
Now getting a photo of our lot can be kinda painful... trying to get everyone looking at the camera at once is nearly impossible, not to mention I can only put up family members that don't mind being in the publics eye..  mmm how to alter photos for my blog...
I have cropped and altered the family photos and came up with these ones..
The birthday boy and James.
Jaxon and Michaela..
Lovely day guys - we loved every minute of it..xxx  love you all heaps..

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Tuesday Girls Birthday

Celebrating Teresa's birthday today - pressies, and of course, an outing..
Miss Helen did a fabulous job at wrapping Teresa's birthday pressies... There was a tiara as shown in this photo...  all birthday girls need a tiara..

 There was a birthday rosette/badge to were...and party blowers to blow...
 But most of all - a new Friends Forever charm for her Pandora bracelet...
Then on to more serious things - Food...
We headed to Bulimba to do a little shopping and then to go to  The French Twist (of course) for lunch.  Not really a good place to shop - great area to eat - food places everywhere..  oh well, it was still great being out with the girls..
This is a great place to eat - the plates were huge and I could hardly get through mine - unfortunately though, this meant no room for dessert - darn - maybe next time..
Anyhow - Happy Birthday Teresa,  I hope you had a fabulous day - love ya ta bits...xxxx