Thursday, 16 February 2017

New Zealand Holiday - Day 1 Queenstown

Yes, I  know, surprise - I'm writing a post for the first time in ages.  I have mentally written many posts but have not actually typed anything.  So today I will try to catch up a little..
So my first catch up will be our holiday to New Zealand.
This was our first holiday to this beautiful country and hubby and myself saw some amazing places and people.  We travelled with Hubby's sister Fran, her husband Ross and Wayne's mother Meg. Wayne and I had a ball and are looking forward to going back one day.
This photo was taken from our accommodation, just 5 minutes out of the town centre.
 After grabbing some groceries and checking in to our unit, we  did the touristy thing and visited the The Gondola.  Wayne took these photo's for me because I just couldn't bring myself to go near the edge of the balcony.  I made sure that while travelling up the mountain in the gondola, I sat facing the hillside so I couldn't see the drop behind me..
 Queenstown is surrounded by these gorgeous treeless mountains and a fabulous lake that is humungous.
 We are soooo high - don't look if you are like me and are not too keen on heights..
 A view of the gondola..
 Still looking down..
 We went to bed totally exhausted but very excited about what we were to encounter over the next few days..
cya xxx

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