Friday, 17 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 2 Queenstown

Today was going to be interesting as here I was in this fabulous place and I was going to be spending it all by myself.  Wayne and his family are golfers and me, well, not interested in golf at all.  I couldn't even tell you what expression I am suppose to have on my face when hubby tells me he had an eagle or a par or (I think I have tuned out by now)..  Anyhow this works fabulously for us because I love that he is happy to play golf and he loves that I am happy to sew.  This also means we have lots of things to chat about as we don't live in each others pockets. 
Day 2 had hubby and his family booked into two golf courses - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This left me time for some serious exploring around town.  After they left, I called a taxi and headed into town.  What a fabulous place.  I took so many photos..
I love this church - St Peter's on Church Street.  I spent a bit of time here admiring the brickwork, windows, and doorways - my love of old buildings was being indulged greatly here.

 This was another beautiful building - I took photos of each side as I walked around the building.
This  photo was taken of the side of the building. 
 The front... I will soon reveal the photo that stated my reason for appreciating this place.
 Not a great photo but this was an apple tree in the front area.. but still not why I loved this place.
 Now this was why I loved this place.  At the rear of the building stood the original chimney and I thought it was gorgeous.. but then I thought a lot of things were gorgeous in Queenstown.
I was still exploring when I came across this amazing place on the waterfront..  I knew at once that I just had to stop for some tasty treat with a gorgeous view..
 What a great looking building.. love the roof..

This is what I chose at the suggestion of the waiter - the home made scone was huge and I was thinking how much I wish hubby was with me because he is very useful for finishing my meals when I don't.  
 And this was my uninterrupted view of the lake and mountains from my table..  ohhh my...can I live here...
 This was the view to the left of where I sat..again - can I live here...please...
Now I am going to prattle on a little - or heaps - here because I came across the Queenstown Gardens and decided to take a stroll around the ground..  Actually I didn't leave this place for hours as I was just in awe of it all..
I will make explanations short and sweet about the photos.. 
Love this tree - looks like it would be a great place to climb and play - pity my grandkids are not with me..
 I started walking  along the path and was amazed at the views from this side of the lake.  Here you can see the gondola in the distance..
 Love this sign - just had to take a photo for the girls..
 Here is the track I was following..
 Another view across the lake..
 I sat here, on this very seat, and admired the scenery for ages... didn't want to leave.. but alas..
 A little further down the patch..
 And further again - The elderly couple reminded me of something hubby and I would do love to do one day.. just sit and admire the view and each others company..
 The water around the gardens was crystal clear and made you feel like you just had to touch it, but I knew it would be cold and didn't get that close - not on this day anyway..
 One side of my path was lake and views of mountains and the other side was a lovely treed embankment.
 Still walking around the gardens - I was on the path that looped all around the outside - hence all the different views of the mountains and lake..
 I did tell you the water was crystal clear - looks very inviting.. don't let it fool you - its freezing..
 I finally ran out of the path that was on the outer areas of the gardens and walked up a little hill and found a rose garden - kinda in the middle of no where..  My heart skipped a beat.. 
 So many many colours.. I'm in heaven...
Now I know I am really going to bore you if you don't like roses because I think I took a hundred rose photo's...
Pink ones.
 White ones..
 More pink ones..
 Red ones...
 Too pretty...
 More pink..
 Apricot ones...
 I wonder if these would grow at home..
 So many little time-
 I did warn you that I took heaps of rose photos..

 I am thinking, by now, that I have added too many rose photos to this post, but nah - I cant decide which ones to cull so just skip past them if you wish...

 I suppose I should leave this hoo - by roses..
I started to head back towards the town and found this gorgeous lawn bowls club.. 
The gardens around this area were full of flowers - so I did take a photo or two of them..

 Another couple of steps further down the path and I came across a beautiful pond surrounded by huge trees...

 Pretty little bridge across the pond..

 Looking up the pond from the bridge..
 Down the pond from the bridge..
 I love these trees....
 Girls - I think I have found my next Christmas tree - what do you think?
Walking back towards town, I noticed these sticks standing up in a row and wondered what they were..
 The closer I got the more I realised someone had placed them there deliberately..
 But it wasn't until I got right up close did I realise that the top sticks were perfectly balancing on the upright ones and they were swaying in the breeze without falling off... Someone had a lot of patience and time on their hands - and I am glad I had was able to lay witness to their creativeness.
I can here music coming from down further, so I head that way.. 
 MMMM - passing a lovely hotel...
 I found the source of the music - along the waterfront I found Street Performers performing their acts..  These guys were so entertaining, I didn't want to leave.. but alas I can see a markets down the way a bit..

 A shot of the mall - I walked around here too -lots and lots of delicious looking places - wish The Tuesday Girls were here...
 Look girls - four milkshakes - one for each of us...
Walking around the markets...
 This building looks interesting...
 Yep - I was right - inside the building were shops and pretty..
 By now I was exhausted and decided to grab some lunch and head back to the unit to have a rest..
I managed to get lots of shopping done too but I didn't bother to take photos of these.. Most of them were gifts for family and friends..
After my well earned rest and still having hours left to myself, and having had such a great time in town that I decided to head back into town...
Here I found myself wrapped up in the vibe of the waterfront area - the street performers were absolutely fabulous - I loved watching them so much that I had trouble walking away from them..
Hubby - now finished with golf, rang and offered to pick me up on the way back to the unit - but I wasn't ready to leave.  He heard the excitement in my voice and told his family to drop him off in town so he could join me.  We had a ball - he loved the performers just as much as I did and he also loved their lax rules on alcohol being drunk in public until 10pm.   So I grabbed a new Zealand ice cream and he grabbed a local cider, and together we took in the atmosphere on offer..  truly an unforgettable day...
I fell asleep totally exhausted but thoroughly satisfied with my day.  It was so good being able to explore things at my own pace and not feel rushed at needing to be somewhere by a particular time - oh and hubby had a ball at golf too..
catchya all later..

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