Saturday, 25 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 10 - Home

We left Terrace Downs early this morning - it was still dark but by the time we were on the plane the sun had come up to another blue sky day..
Hubby confiscated my phone on the plane and took a heap of photos so I will just add them to this post. 
We have both had a fabulous time in New Zealand.  Fran did an amazing job finding places to stay and organising everything.
We have been told on countless occasions on how lucky we were that we were visiting New Zealand while they were experiencing fantastic weather - blue skies and hardly any rain.  Of course there were blue skies - mother nature knew we were coming..
Speaking of Mother Nature - thank you with all my heart for showing us the glow worms in the forest - I will never forget what you showed me..
Getting use to the time difference was a strange experience - we both struggled with that a little but survived fairly unscathed.  There is a three hour time difference over there and the sun doesn't go down - at all - until 9 pm at night...
We saw so many fabulous places and did so many great things that it was hard to work out just what to write about.. I think I have covered everything.  Hubby has quite a few golfing photos but I will add them a bit later, mainly due to the fact that I need him here to tell me what or where they are from..
We are both looking forward to visiting this lovely country again - so many more things to see and do - might need a longer holiday next time..
Anyhow here are hubby's plane photo's..

 bye bye New Zealand..
This brings us to the end of our holiday. 
Hope you enjoyed 'slide night' of our trip...

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  1. By the looks of those photo's you were down the South Island? Glad you enjoyed your trip!