Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tuesday With The Girls

Well surprise, surprise, surprise...(hehehehe) The Tuesday Girls went on a little road trip today - just up to The Quilter's Store for a quick visit..
I managed to do a little 'retail therapy', but I was not alone ..
Here are my finds..   a new book, some pretty fabrics and some walnut shells..
Helen gave the girls and myself a little pressie today - how cute is this badge and it goes perfectly on my bag.. Thanks Helen..
 I have been doing some of the stitcheries for the No Fuss Stitch-a-long and thought I would add a photo here..  Even with the outing today I did manage to finish the second last one of the right, today..
That's all from me tonight - short and sweet...
cya nextime

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers

Day 1.

Wow, what a 'full on' weekend and what a great time away with The Tuesday Girls..
This has to be one of the longest road trip we four have gone on.
A visit to the Tourist Centre was needed first so we could get our bearings and work out a plan of action.  We can't even do this without some funny business..
 We decided on the Japanese Gardens first .... I would like to add that this weekend would not have run so smoothly without my navigational skills...lol
So many lovely things to look at... beautiful waterfall..
 Pretty flowers...
 Tranquil ponds with arched bridges...
 Add a whole lot of fun being with these girls.. and what a perfect way to start our weekend..
Spring Bluff Station came next on our adventure. 
 Pretty old buildings to walk around..
 Gorgeous flowers..
Before we headed to our accommodation for the week end, we dropped into The Quilter's Angel for a little retail therapy.. 
Our digs for the weekend was a Bnb house at Newtown.  This place was fabulous and just
perfect for us girls to spend the weekend at.  We had this cute little fully renovated house to ourselves and boy, did this work out great.. We were close to everything, making life very easy for us to get around..
We unpacked our bags, had a well earned rest before heading out for the evening.  Dinner was delicious but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place, but it was right next to Queens park.  After dinner, a much needed stroll was in order, so we checked out side-show-alley for a little while..  I was sooooo hoping that a couple of the girls were going to get on some of the rides, but alas, only lots of laughs were had..
Day 2..
Across from our cottage was The State Rose Garden, so after having brekky we thought a stroll through the gardens would be a good idea.. 
Will we ever grow up??   I hope not...
 Fancy artwork can be found around the gardens..
 We followed paths that lead through gazebos and arbours while passing the pretty flowers that were putting on their best aromas to add to our experience...
 I could live near a park like this one - imagine waking up each day and being able to stroll through a park like this one each morning...and the best part is someone else has to maintain it..
It was a bit early to head to any of the shows but not too early to head to the local quilt shop.  I think that is must have been fate because Quilt-Craft was in the same street as our cottage - very handy indeed..  This is a lovely shop and I am pretty sure we all did a bit of retail therapy here..
Ok now it was time for a show - The Teapot Extravaganza.
So many pretty teapots and cups to drool over.. 
 Devonshire tea, of course, was for morning tea...oh and we did manage a little bit of shopping too..
Now off to the Quilt Show -  lots of pretty quilts were on display - oh and maybe a little bit of retail therapy too..

We found ourselves at this point needing some lunch - Milk and Honey Café proved to be a delightful place and it made heading back to the cottage with a little extra (for afternoon tea, of course) much more comforting... 
Now it was time for the parade..

You might be thinking that this would be the end to our day, but you would be wrong..  I think we can fit in one more park...
 Once again - lots of pretty flowers and maybe a bit of mischief was had here...
Time for food - the local café (again can not remember the name) was going to be our last port of call for the day..
We were now feeling a bit tired - so much so that we all ended up with the 'sillies'.  This has happened to us before so we just went with it... Giggling and laughing over everything and nothing..lol

 We had desert too, but the photos I took of it were not very good as it was night and there was not much light where we were sitting..  I can tell you it was delicious..

Day 3.

We head off today to the Geham Craft and Garden Show at the Geham State School..  We were sitting in the car - as we were a little early - waiting to go in, and discussing how this place looked pretty small and whether it was going to be worth our while hanging around and going in.  Well we were here so we might as well go in and how glad were we when we did...  The stalls were hiding inside the sports/assembly hall.
We nearly missed out..  this school put on a fabulous market - lots of great things to buy - I kept having to put things back but it was very hard to maintain my self control.. The other girls - well lets just say, not all of us showed self control...lol
The school put on a yummy spread - lots of homemade cakes and savouries.. The students were helping out to and they were delightful.  We were all very impressed with this place and their students..
By now we were  starting to have conversations about the amount of space left in Helen's boot.  Everytime we did some 'retail therapy' we just added it to the boot - now we were wondering if we should stop but Helen assured us all that she could repack the boot and make more room.  Ok sounds good to me...lol
Now we were heading off to visit Cobb n Co..  oh boy - I think the 'sillies' are coming back..
 We found the Play School display - how cool - big ted, little ted, jemima, the clocks etc - they were all there to see..
 A blacksmith was doing his thing and we stopped to watch him for a while.. he came over and showed us some gorgeous handles he had been making.. I wish we could have bought these - they were gorgeous...
 I told you the 'sillies' were coming..  The girls were playing with the interaction displays...lol  I don't think any words are necessary here...  lol  OMG - I am still laughing about this... (Hubby is giving me funny looks as I write this..lol)
 So many displays to explore - it was very well set up, I would recommend it to anyone...
We were now thinking of one more garden to check out.  This one was going to be about half an hour west of Toowoomba, so we thought we would head here then head home..
I don't know what was more important while heading here - food or the garden..  We were all getting hungry but felt we were also getting close to the open garden.  Decisions, decisions..  Oh dear - dirt road - forget the garden - find food.. lol
We stumbled upon a beautiful pub in the very small town of Cambooya..  You know the kind of place - one very dated garage, one very old local store and a cute little post office, and then there was the pub..
The Bull and Barley.. how gorgeous is this place and the food - delicious... I'm definitely coming back here...

Now I have mentioned foods eaten during our weekend, so I thought I would show you just a few dishes here..
 And the 'retail therapy' here... oh and I did manage a little bit of stitching (but not much)..
I think that brings me to the end of this very long post..  We had the absolute best time - our timing to see everything went smoothly, our pot luck at picking great place to eat was perfect, the laughter was non-stop, the 'sillies' were hilarious and the girls, well they just made all of the above unforgettable..
I had the best time - now I think I will sleep for a week... I love you guys heaps... Oh and thank you Helen for all the driving you did, but I will remind you - it was my navigational skills that helped make things run smoothly too...lol

Thursday, 31 August 2017

No Fuss Stitch-a-long

I am doing a stitch-a-long with quite a few talented ladies and thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of my stitcheries on my blog as well as on the official site..
  Seems quite a few of us have been in the same boat with always wanting to do this quilt but alas, life gets in the way (or should I say - other projects)..  I have loved seeing the photo's of fabrics others girls have chosen and seeing some of their started stitcheries.  This is going to be sooooo cool - I can't wait to see how they all look when finished...
I have decided to do mine in the new tilda range (I confess - this is in my stash) and with variegated thread.  I don't usually use bright fabrics but lately have been pushing my boundaries with trying new colour ranges and I definitely am one of those oddballs that don't like using variegated thread.  I find when I use this type of thread, that all I want to do is chop it up into bundles of dark, medium and light colours.  This, of course, defeats the purpose of having a variegated thread..lol  oh well,  lets see how I go..
Here are my fabrics..
On Tuesday I completed the fourth of my stitcheries (no order, just which ever I pick up next)..
Keep up the good work girls - they are all going to look great...
If you want to visit the official site then go here ...http://nofussswappers.blogspot.com.au/

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sunday Stitchers

Today was our monthly get together for the Sunday Stitchers and I thought I would do a quick post..
We have a couple of show 'n' tells..
Here is Maria's knitted blanket - the photo does not do it justice as the colours were gorgeous. The black beside the pinks and purples worked perfectly...
 Helen has been very busy and brought along three new bags and a pair of slippers..  I wish I had thought to have taken a close up photo of the slippers, they look too pretty to wear..
The Tuesday Girls have started a stitch-a-long - well - I don't think it has started officially but some of us have started stitching a couple of blocks..  The quilt pattern is called Ruth's Quilt - by Leanne Beasley..  We have enticed a couple on non-Tuesday Girls to join in with our stitch-a-long but more of that later (Helen is setting up a separate blog for it)..
Today I managed to stitch two blocks ...

I'm not sure if I will be sewing all the blocks as the pattern suggests, as I would like to add the personal touch to a couple.   I think we managed to wrangle in a couple more girls to join in the stitch-a-long today too..   Eggcellent!!!
Well that's all for today..

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Tuesday Girl's

Our gathering today was at Norreen's place and we did manage to get a little bit of stitching done, but only a little bit..
We headed down to the local café for morning tea..  yummm..
 Norreen has been working on her bag and brought it out to show us her progress..
Helen spent the day stitching a block from The Simple Life book... 
I did do a little stitching but I will get to that soon, first I want to talk about this book.
The Tuesday Girls have decided to do a stitch-a-long and the chosen quilt is from this book - Living The Dream, by Leanne Beasley.  It was printed several years ago but it seems there are quite a few people with it sitting on their shelves - and have not started the quilt.  The quilts is called Ruth's Quilt.
I thought it would be nice to add the personal touch to this quilt by adding a block aptly named - the Tuesday girls.  So after a little designing, I came up with this block - the four hearts representing the four Tuesday Girls..  I gave each of the girls one to add to their quilt if they wish to do so..
A couple of the guest stitch-a-longers are going to add a personal block or two of their own...but I'm sure there will be more of this later..
This is my 'little bit of stitching' for today..my first block for our stitch-a-long... 
 I cannot remember when - probable last year or something, but I never got around to finishing the Splendid Sampler quilt that I had started.  So every now and then I do a couple more blocks and then I feel I can ignore it for - oh I don't know - another year maybe...lol
Here are the last ones I have done..
I have no idea why it wont let me turn this photo so it will just have to stay this way..
 A couple more Splendid blocks...
That's all today..
Stay safe everyone..