Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Parade and Sewing

I spent Friday at my grandsons at their  Easter Parade held by their kindy.  So much fun, the kids had a ball showing off their headwear.  Hudson showed me around his kindy room, where the dinosaur books are and the dinosaur toys etc.  Yep that's right, he is going through a dinosaur stage.
He is my beautiful daughter and my gorgeous grandson.  Brayden is wearing his Easter headwear which I might add, he won a prize in his age group. (chuffed nana here)...  
It was very hard to get a photo of him cause they were playing music and he kept bopping up and down...very cute but very frustrating to take a photo
Hudson was enjoying his plate of goodies while Brayden was chewing on his cucumber.
Hudson joining in the parade with his class..
Much too serious but he was excited telling me how this was his very first Easter Parade..
Now I know I mentioned this when Narelle called in couple of weeks ago, but she was lovely and very generously gave us her new pattern - The Little Hexie Bag.  Well I decided that over Easter I was going to make it.  Here it is in fabrics found in my stash.  I loved making this, and I do plan on making another one.  Thank you Narelle, i had so much fun making this bag with its cute little hexies..oh and there are little pockets inside too...
Random photo - but hubby and I went to the Gold Coast on Friday.  Our favourite spot is Nobby's Beach at Miami.    It always feels great to feel the sand between my toes and the refreshing feeling of the surf when having a dip.  Lately we have been able to get to the beach at least once a week, more would be wonderful, but once a week will just have to do for now...
It has been great having the Easter long weekend to catch up on some projects that have been on the back burner. 
I found these 'chalk board' prints in my stash and thought now was the time to use them. Firstly I made a new cushion cover, then came a mini quilt, and with the last prints, 5 x placemats..
Here is a closer look at the cushion.
The back of the cushion.
Close look at the mini.. I added 3 little cupcake buttons on the bottom rights of the mini..
And now - the place mats...
Another view of  4 of the placemats..
Then I made another cushion cover using some 'chooky' fabric I found in my stash. 
Back of the cushion..
Now I have two pretty new cushions on my old lounge..  mmm I like the look, might make some for my lounge room..
Well that's it for me, wonder what I will get up to tomorrow.
I hope you all have had a fabulous Easter... hugs...

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter with The Tuesday Girls

I will start off this post with a photo of some of the Easter decorations I have either made or collected in the past...
The girls are coming over today and being so close to Easter, I thought I should do an Easter theme.
So here is my centre piece..
I made sure I had my Easter Mug Rug out that I received from Marina in our 'No Fuss Swapper's' Mug Rug Swap.. oh and some more Easter Treats, yummy toasted Hot Cross Buns and coffee in my bunny mug...
The Girls bought their Mug Rugs along too, well all of them did bar one.  lol  Teresa forgot to bring hers but we forgive her as she was working until 3am and still manages to get to come along to spend the day with us.  So Teresa's is on my ipad screen...
They look lovely girls, everyone has done a fantastic job with their creations..
Another look at our beautiful Mug Rugs from a different angle..
Some more Easter decorations...
And more decorations...
I did get a little sewing done today. I have been trying to find time to work on my La Passicaglia Quilt.  I need to concentrate heaps when putting this together cause I really don't wish to unpick anything.  I am trying really hard to make my colours 'pop' - something that goes against my instincts.  I find myself wanting to 'blend' my colours which I have to get out of the habit of doing..
This one took my ages auditioning lots of fabrics before I was happy, but its not finished yet.  It still has another several rows/rings to add.  
On the weekend I bought two new rose bushes - they were half the price than I usually pay so I took a chance and bought them.  Unfortunately hubby and myself have not been well lately and we both have no sense of smell.  lol  Anyhow I had the girls check for me today and yep they confirmed my suspicions - there is no lovely smells coming from my new plants.  Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.  Mental note - only buy roses from Birchgrove Nursery...
Well that's it for me.  I hope you all have a fantastic Easter however you choose to spend your long weekend. 
Cya later.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Easter Mug Rug Swap

The Tuesday Girl's first "No Fuss" swap had its opening day today..  How exciting, our first swap...
My partner for this swap was Marina from
Marina sent me this gorgeous Mug Rug and a beautiful fat quarter, and of course a treat.
Just look at the detail in the egg, isn't it gorgeous..  Sorry if my photo's are not up to scratch, I'm feeling a little under the weather today and it didn't matter how many photo's I took, they all came out blurry.  I will try again tomorrow
I will have to admit that my treat was eaten while opening my swap, so I almost did not get a photo of it.  Yum thanks Marina, I needed some sugar and hubby didn't mind one bit either...
Thank you Marina for your lovely swap, I hope to see your name on more swaps in the future.
I won't add a photo of what I made my swap partner as I am not sure it has been opened yet so I will add that later too. 
Now anyone interested in joining in one of The Tuesday Girl's Swaps, please head over to here - and join up..  We would love to see your name on the next swap - The Stuff-A-Tin swap... 
Thanks again Marina, I love my gift and can not wait to use it..

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A Special Visitor

 We let (lol) one of Tuesday Girls go to the Let's Get Stitched in Tasmania and just look who followed her home..  Can we keep her mum, pleeeease... we will feed her and look after her and make sure she is loved....
Rell got to spend with day with us and we loved it... come back anytime Rell.
So what to do - yep you would be right - Road Trip..
We headed up to Birchgrove Nursery to have a little wonder in the garden and then some morning tea.  I love the roses here, they are full of scent, something the store bought ones can just nor compete with.
For morning tea I had the Apple Pie Cake with ice-cream and it was humungous, but I did manage to eat it all..
Those of us that were unable to go to Let's Get Stitched this year were spoilt by our friends that went.
Rell gave each of us one of her patterns that she designed so naturally we all go her to autograph it for us.  I can't wait to start it..Thank you Rell..  Miss ya already..
Teresa gave us two beautiful easter ornies - one ceramic and the other is a tin that you could hide something inside.  She also gave us this beautiful Tilda notebook.  I love notebooks and have already decided what to use mine for... They are all lovely, you spoil us Teresa but I don't mind... Thank you.
After morning tea, we headed back to Helen's place for some stitching and lots of laughing.  Helen made lunch for us today (we usually take our own) seeing as we had a special visitor.  I did ask Rell to come back more often cause we all want Helen to make lunch for us more often.  Thank you Helen, it was delicious...
I had a lovely day, once again shared with lovely friends, yummy foods and of course lots of laughing- oh - and a little stitching.  Life is just great.

"No Fuss Swapper's" Swap Number 2..

Hi Girls,
The second swap is up for the " No Fuss Swappers"  go and check it out here - nothing to make in this one but it's a real beauty...
Thank you for letting us interrupt your usual blog stalking...

The Tuesday Girl's
Helen, Teresa, Nor & Helen.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Keelan's Birthday

Happy birthday to my eldest son, Keelan..   Love you
I do hope you plan on sharing that cake???

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Festival of Teresa - Day 2

Yep we are at it again.  Another road trip to add to the celebration of Teresa's birthday..  What to do first - why morning tea of course.   We are looking very contented in this photo, for we have just eaten a chocolate truffle and while I chose to have a tea, the girls had fancy chocolate coffees.
Don't you just love this photo - this is my truffle and I will say that it was delicious and I enjoyed every morsel of it...
Ok now to show you its actual
Teresa is looking very pleased with her selection...
After morning tea we headed to the movies to see The Lady In The Van.  I love Maggi Smith, she looks 'real' not plastic, and after a little research found out she is 81 years old. Way to go - I hope I am that active when I reach her age..
Now a little lunch is in order...  What should we eat - well I'm glad you asked - and the answer would be - A High Tea of course.. 
Nor and Helen looking very keen to have the photo taking out of the way...  I wonder why?
Teresa and myself acting very lady like - stop laughing - it does happen now and then..
Our lunch.. no words needed..
After lots of laughs and all the food was gone we decided to do a little shopping..  I came home with a new handbag and a cute Easter mug..
Blogger wont let me turn this photo for some weird reason so you will just have to turn your head, sorry...
 There are always gifts and here Teresa is holding a bunting I had made for her.
You would think that after all todays eating episodes that we could not possibly fit any more in but you see we have, only just today, learnt that humans possess and extra stomach for desserts only.  So to put this theory to the test the girls decided on having one of these each.  Helen is trying to decide just how insane this idea is but you know what - they ate them.  I chose a boring milk shake which to my pleasure was not very big, and yes I did drink it all - not sure if it classified as a dessert though.
Still laughing about the insanity of it all...  lol
Well I know I enjoyed Teresa's Birthday heaps - great movie, excellent foods and fantastic friends.
I am rather tired now so I will leave it here.  Happy Birthday Teresa - we love you

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Let The Festival of Teresa Begin..

Well the lovely Miss Teresa of is having a birthday this week and The Tuesday Girls are delighted to be sharing some time with her...
Yesterday we started off on a road trip towards Cleveland and our first stop was at a pretty little café in the main street, after all we needed a little pick me up before any serious shopping could be done.
I had some yummy Banana and Walnut Loaf..
Then we headed off to one of Teresa's favourite places - Linen and Lace..
This is such a lovely photo of Teresa in the shop - oh and the shop is pretty too..
I did force myself to find some pretty things to buy - I came home with three gorgeous tea towels (not for the kids or hubby to and a little blue juicing jug..
We then headed to Bayside Stitchcraft for a little more retail therapy.. Note we all have bags...
I bought some pretty caravan fabric - not my usual cup of tea but I think I am evolving, some bias ribbon and some more 'orange halloweenie' fabric.  Now the orange fabric, or the novelty fabric for that matter, is really not my usual cup of tea.  I have only about three orange fabrics in my entire stash but for some reason these ones were talking to me on the day - I wonder if there was anything suspicious in my morning tea, it didn't look like one of those cafe's that make the sort of 'special brownies' your mother always told you to avoid.  Anyway a bit strange but this is what came home with me.
Now all that shopping is exhausting so we headed to the Grand View Hotel - not our first choice of lunch - Teresa's first choice was not open on a Tuesday - we should have checked but it all worked out in the end.
Lunch was delicious and filling (they made me get the drink - that's my story anyway)..
After lunch we went exploring around the hotel.  I love old buildings, so much history and beautiful craftsmanship.  Upstairs we meandered through the rabbit-warren of rooms. 
I am taking a photo here of Helen and Teresa but what you cannot see is that Norreen is behind me, taking a photo of me taking a photo of them... I know, we do get a bit silly and we did just have a heap of sugar for lunch.
Nor is practicing her skills - I think she might need to stay with stitching - sorry Nor, keep up the good work..
I loved this work of art...  so us...
Well we had a fabulous day, I couldn't eat my dinner as I was still full from the day, my purse a little lighter but not sorry there and my heart is very contented.  After spending the day with these gorgous girls how could anyone not feel special.
Oh I have one more thing to add - found this on facebook this morning and I just had to save it..
We all remember Helen during her Festival did a little pole dancing with a humungous candy cane, well isn't this cartoon just perfect.   Hehehehe 


Ok now I am really going - stay turned for more mischief later on during the week..