Monday, 19 December 2016

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party

Our Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party was the perfect way to end our get togethers for 2016.
Before I can continue with the Christmas celebrations, I should mention the birthday girls..
We had four birthdays - Helen, Susan, Noela and Alison..  Happy Birthday girls, I hope you had a fabulous birthday...
The room was very fitting as it has a red carpeted wall, perfect for pinning some show and tell to and it also makes for very festive photos too..
Here is our gift table (secret santa), Alison showing us a bag she had finished and some of the Christmas displays..
 Susan and Alison had some quilts for show and tell.  Susan's quilt was amazing, one minute it was pink, then red and then it was yellow.  lol Nah only joking.  Susan has done this quilt in three difference colours.. 
Lunch was from the Local IGA and as you can see was very delicious.. We also had plum pudding and custard (no photo) and Teresa brought along some very, very delicious peppermint fudge..
My Secret Santa partner was Norreen, one of my very own Tuesday Girl.  I can tell you, it was very hard to not let on that she was my partner.  It felt like I had kept this secret
 I made this bag for her - the photos don't show the pattern in the black fabric unfortunately but you get the idea.  It has pockets in the front and a large one in the back and, of course, some inside..
My secret santa that I was receiving from was Susan.  How lucky was I.  Susan gave me this gorgeous bag, I love the colour, its gorgeous.  I also received an angel (Susan's signature ornie) ornament as well.  Thank you Susan, I do love them both..
Needless to say that there was lots of gifts from everyone, including a santa cupcake from Teresa..yum - this did not make it home... Thank you girls - the ornies are on my tree, the lollies and chocolates have been eaten, and the other items have been put to good use... 
Here is a close up of some of the gifts.. 
Thanks girls for a wonderful party and it has been a great year...looking forward to catching up next year..


  1. We did have a fun day...gad you like your bag...& angel(s)

  2. what a great finish to the year for the Sunday Stitchers........