Monday, 19 December 2016

Helen's Birthday

Even though Helen was not celebrating a mile stone this year did not mean, any any account, mean that The Tuesday Girls were going to let it pass with doing something special..
Before we could head out for the day, we needed to do some very important pressie opening..
 Then it was off to Laidley and Gatton, some local towns just outside of west Brisbane..
This café was named The Rustic Rose, it was a gorgeous little café, right in the heart of Laidley..
I think this is one of my favourite photo's of Helen..  I had the macadamia cheesecake, which was a little different to most cheesecakes you buy, as it had sponge cake throughout it.  This made the cake very light and yes I would definitely have it again..  Norreen bought us all a pressie on the day - that's the photo on the top right of the pretty bottle with a wooden hand painted star on it..  Thanks Nor..
 Laidley is a pretty little town with lovely old buildings.  We did a little sight seeing around town, a little shopping and even managed a little tour in the Das Neumann Haus.  My favourite building though was the one - top left.. (it is being used as an office building for now).
It was a lovely day and I always have a wonderful time whenever I am out with this girls.  So many giggles and laughter, such close friends.  Life would be pretty boring without you girls..
Happy Birthday Helen...

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