Friday, 25 November 2016

Good-Bye Year 11

Our youngest daughter, Amelia, finished year 11 today and we are so proud of her.  She has done so well - getting high marks across the board, being awarded several 'Commitment To Learning' Awards over the year, ending the year with a 'Subject' award for  Mathamatics and to top it off, being offered a Leadership position as Captain to a group of sub-captains.  Way to go Amelia....
I will add here that although she could be anything she wants to be - as of late - she plans on becoming a writer of  teenage novels.  I feel this would suit her perfectly because she could read novels before she started grade 1.  She has always had a passion for books and I am pretty sure has read over the years, every novel in our local library.  So becoming a writer of some kind does not surprise me at all.
Amelia has the ability to obtain all this without studying... This, as a mother, drives me insane - I am always asking if she has studied for this or that and if she feels she has prepared enough for exams.  Upon being told by her maths teacher that she had the highest score across year 11 maths, her only reply was - "just think what I could do if I studied".  If only everyone could breeze through school like this.  I know I didn't..
Anyhow, to celebrate the ending on another year, we took Amelia out to the local Mondaze café for a special milkshake.  The grandkids were here today so they came too.
Here is Amelia with her - Choc Mint Milkshake - with her nephew, Brayden.
 Here is Hudson - just the look on his face when his drink arrives - priceless...
 Anyhow, enough bragging for one day... I hope all your dreams come true Amelia and I can not wait to read your novels..  We love you heaps...  1 more year to go!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Amelia.. best wishes for your future ...
    Hmm those drinks look delicious.

  2. Well done Amelia ,congrats on your awesome results,wishing you all the best xx

  3. Big congrats to wonderful to have all those choices ahead of her x

  4. huge congrats to your girl but yes I have the "if only I had studied" issue as well which drives me nuts too as I could never do, it took all my effort studying.......

  5. Brag away Sandi! what a great future she'll have.

  6. Well done. Hope her dreams of writing come true.