Sunday, 30 October 2016

Happy Halloween. ..

The Tuesday Girl's had a different kind of get together last week.  My partner in crime, Teresa, and I decided to host the other two girls to a Halloween Themed Stitching Day.  We had been planning it for weeks with secret conversations about what or how we wanted the day to be..
 The table was set, and yes I did play with some of the items - they were soooo cool - I had a ball with two eyeballs that changed colour.. Yes I'm a big kid at heart..
We don't usually celebrate Halloween but thought we could milk it for a few laughs... and laugh we did.
 Teresa brought over her hand painted timber boxes and 'witches' shoe to add to our decorating... Oh boy is Teresa talented because these were absolutely gorgeous...
I made everyone a mug rug (I know just how much Helen loves these), and a little goodie bag. 
Teresa made everyone pumpkins(photo down further) and cauldrons full of yummies... 
We all had creepy headbands to wear - arrows, nails, knife and bolts...  lol
I played the fool - of course - and at one stage wore all four headbands... 
Teresa brought along some very yummy peppermint fudge - omg - this stuff was deadly - one piece was not enough... 
Teresa also made some pretty 'band-aide'  bikkies... and if you go back up to the table setting, you will notice the pumpkin that 'spewed' its guts  All these foods looked gross but wow - they were delicious..
Here is my pumpkin from Teresa.  I thought it warranted a special photo.  I think it is fantastic and will bring it out every year.  Thank Teresa - it's perfect..xx
Maybe two a second photo... 
We had spiders all over the table and they were getting into everything, even the 
The table was so messy that I just had to take a photo.. 
My caldron - check out the yummies... 
My little goodie bags - I found these cute cookie cutters at coles and knew I had to get them for each of the girls...
Thanks for being my partner in crime Teresa - we had so much fun....I would do it again with you anytime...
Well that's it for me.  The Tuesday Girls and some friends head out for Retreat soon so I have been getting stuff ready to take so no sewing is getting done at the moment...unless you count the Halloween mug rugs and the goodie bags..  I hope to get heap done at Retreat... 
Anyhow - Happy Halloween everyone and "BOO"  - did I scare you..hehehehe


  1. My goodness....that is fabtabulous...LOL🕸🙀👀🤔

  2. Hi Sandi,omg what fun you girls had,i can imagine how much you were all laughing,also thankyou Tuesday girls for the lovely blocks you all made for my quilt,they were all so gorgeous and i love my new quilt so much xx

  3. The table looked amazing and wot fun!! Great surprise girls, bet the other two loved it!!

  4. This was sooooo much fun.. anytime you want to get up to no-good I'll be there in a heartbeat ha ha Thanks for doing this with me xx

  5. You girls sure go all out.... Looks great......

  6. You girls have the best times.

  7. WoW..what FuN you all had. Great theme...xox

  8. You girls have the best times, so clever and creative but yuk to the bandaid cookies

  9. You girls always have the most fabulous time...Teresa and you did a spooky job of your special Halloween GTG.
    Have fun on retreat.