Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Clayton's Christmas swap

The No Fuss Swapper's hosted a "Clayton's Christmas Swap" for July and my partner was Narelle.  
The swap gifts were to be the following items..
1. An ornament - bought or handmade.
2.  Christmas button/s
3.  Christmas fat quarter
4. A Small Treat.
Thank you Rell, I can't wait to put my tree up at chrissy time and adorn it with your angel, and oh my, that treat.  I have always loved Magnum Iceblocks but never realised they came in chocolate form before.  Holy cow are these dangerous...mine lasted a whole 2 seconds and that was time wasted getting it open.  I don't know if I should thank you for that one or rouse at you for introducing me to something that deadly yummy.  lol
The fat quarter is  fantastic, I will use that for an up coming project and those buttons are just too cute..
Thanks Rell for being my swap buddy..
My swap buddy was Susan and I forgot to take a photo of what I had sent so I had to pinch this one off Susan's blog - thanks Susan.
I chose to give a bought ornament this time round, and of course, the fat quarter, buttons and treat..
Such a fun swap..
 This was such a fun swap, I am looking forward to our next one, but I'm sorry, yesterday was the last day for you to sign up for it, so maybe we will see you next time..


  1. This was such a great Christmas swap.. Both your gifts sent and received are lovely....

  2. Hi SAndi such a fun swap