Wednesday, 13 July 2016

We Will Rock You

We have had tickets to the 'We Will Rock You' concert for some time now and Wednesday finally came and we were able to use our tickets..  What a show - loud - was my initial thoughts when it started but I soon adapted to the night.
Shhh - its about to
Teresa and her son, without planning, had tickets for the same night so we made an evening of it..
First of all we went to the Charming Squire for dinner - I can highly recommend this place, it was fantastic.. Pizza - yum


 Teresa's other son was in the area so he and his girlfriend joined us for dinner.  This made the night extra great - lovely boys and of course a lovely mum.. Here is Teresa with her two boys..

 Teresa and I waiting patiently for the show to start...
The concert was great, having Teresa's boys join us for dinner was fun and entertaining, all in all a very good night, would do it again in a heart beat...
Now something a little different - I found this delightful little mushroom in my garden the other week and couldn't resist taking a photo of it..  Nature is just wonderful.  Although I don't know what this mushroom is called (I should find out) I am sure it would kill you without trying.  Beautiful but deadly I am guessing.  Anyhow I just wanted to add it to my blog - I love mother nature, she does and amazing job..

That's all today..I'll catchya all later..


  1. Hi Sandi,thats amazing that you both had tickets for the same night ,sounds like you all had so much fun,what a lovely pic of the mushroom,i would at a guess say that it is poisonous too xx

  2. I saw the show years ago and loved it.... ..
    I love finding mushrooms to take pics of..... Always so cool.......