Monday, 11 July 2016

Warwick - Part 2

Oh boy, I'm still trying to catch up with my blogging.  I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with social media.  I am going to do a quick post here, mostly photos, little chat, but when I say photos I mean, heaps of photos.. lol
While at Warwick, one of the girls was celebrating a special birthday, so we, with a lot of pre-planning, went for a high tea at The Roses of the Abbey.  This is a gorgeous old building used for many different things since it was built.
The high tea was delicious, so much food and we were even given specialised tea samples to try while we were eating. 
I could not decide which photo to use to show off the outside, there were so many picturesque spots..
Don't you just love the tilting cross on top of the roof..
So much attention to detail, they certainly don't build places like this anymore.
I have only just realised how glorious the day was too, just check out the blue skies...
I am guessing that depending on what time of the day it is, the shadows would change the look of the building... This photo is showing the front door.
A monument found in the gardens...
After our high tea, we were given a guided tour of the Abbey.  Wow, what a beautiful building, so many different rooms, so much to look at..
I love the ceiling in this room and....
the stain glass windows..
This photo shows what you would see if you walked in the front doors.  Beyond the entrance parlour you find a timber staircase leading up to the second floor..  Again so much attention to detail...
A banister at the base of the staircase..
The Rectory, now used for romantic private dinners..
Another room, perfectly decorated, do you think they would mind if I sit and just soak in all the atmosphere for a while...and I think I really need to make a phone call...
Pretty things to look at everywhere you looked..
Alright I will stop now, needless to say I had a real good time visiting the Abbey.  I love old buildings and our hosts made our visit extra special.  I wonder how they would feel if one morning they came down stairs (the reside upstairs) and found me sitting somewhere admiring the sights. 
Well that's it for me. 
Happy Birthday Cheryl, hope you had a fantastic birthday..
Catchya later.


  1. Beautiful...wouldn't it be grand to live there?? with a cleaner & gardener of course.

  2. Such a special treat to share......