Sunday, 24 July 2016


 Asuka , prenounced Az-car, is an exchange student from Japan and has been staying with us for the last nine days.  We have had some very funny moments, we don't speak Japanese and she could only speak a little English, this lead to some very animate miming and giggling. 
Asuka came to our home with some special gifts from her county.  This gorgeous little doll is The Princess of Sleeping doll. 
 We were also given a Japanese cookbook, an origami book with papers and a lovely little compact mirror.
 The visiting students put on a party for us all where we ate Japanese foods and they put on a show for us to watch.  The show consisted of singing, origami writing, karate and of course Japanese comics.  I had a ball watching the interaction the exchange students had with our students..
The girls were given Jelly Belly cushions from one of hubby's relatives which the girls thought were fabulous. 
We did have a go at origami,  some of us sporting a little more talent than others in the
We had to take Asuka to the Gold Coast, so she could sample one of our amazing beaches and do a little retail therapy as well.  She was a little apprehensive at first but once she got her feet wet, she had a ball.  First the feet got wet, then her shorts and then she was laughing so much, she just got wet from head to toe..  It was so much fun, watching the girls, not being able to speak to each other much but being able to giggle and splash in the water..luckily I had a change of clothes with me..
We decided on Harbour Town for our retail therapy.. 
The girls were playing with 'snapchat' here... 
I found out 'Typo' was having a sale and came across these cute little painted letters and shapes. 
Oh and I also found this "new" store... oh my... not much explanation needed.. 
These bins reminded me of those kiddy ball pits - you know the ones you just want to dive in and surround your self with balls..or Lindt balls in this case.. 
More ball 
This is how I ended my day.. some spoils from the news agents and some goodies from the Lindt shop..
Well, Asuka left today, taking home stories of her time at Lone Pine, Southbank, Brisbane City, The Gold Coast and of course, stories of her stay with us..  We have had a fantastic time and I am actually going to miss her, its been so much fun but now life can get back to normal for us which in itself is nice too..  Hope you have all had a great week and - no - I have had no time for sewing so that will be one thing I am looking forward to getting back into.
Cya all


  1. What a fun time with Asuka.... Lovely gifts she gave you and I'm sure she has lots of great memories to take home.....
    Hmm! Lindt....

  2. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun - stay away from that Lindt shop...very tempting I think.

  3. Sounds like you all had so much fun SAndi,my DD2 and SIL have a Japanese boy staying with them for two weeks first day today ,can't wait to meet him, enjoy your evening my friend xx

  4. Just lovely having your visitor, it does look like you had fun. My kind of ball pit soo.