Friday, 17 June 2016

Chicks At The Flicks

On Wednesday night one of The Tuesday Girls, Teresa and my eldest daughter, Elle, headed out for a night of entertainment..
None of us have ever been to a 'Chicks at the Flicks' event before so it was all new to us. 
We got to see the latest movie -  Me Before You film.
Upon arrival at the cinema we were each given a glass of pink bubbly and 'pink' lindt balls - there were some other choccies too but the lindt balls seem to grab our attention for some strange reason.
This lovely young man was walking around with tempting morsels for everyone, and he agreed to have his photo taken with us... although he did blush just a little..
The pre-event activities included sampling lotions, smelling scented candles, tasting chocolates, nuts and nibbles.  We also had our photo taken and then presented to us as a postcard..
Here is my postcard and the lotion samples - it was very hard to get a good photo of the postcard because of the glare..
We then went up stairs to the lounge and the nice young man with the food came over to our table and left his 'goodies' with us while he went for more napkins...(or maybe we were looking hungry)..
We were also given a sample bag each full of lots of things to try, a magazine, a book etc.. 
By the time we went into the cinema, we were all feeling very good about our intake of choccies, nibbles and wine ..  Everything was included in the ticket price - but wait - there's more - lol
Dinner was included and we had yet to have that.  I am afraid that I have no more photos beyond this point because it was too dark, but I can leave you with an image.. 
Here we were, sitting (laying) in our recliner chairs, our feet are up on the foot rest, feeling good with finally the movie was about to start.   The lights go out, the movie starts and then they bring us dinner.  UMMM ARRR - we were each given a three tiered plate - the top had a large scone with cream and jam, the middle layer had rocky road popcorn (should have be called just rocky road) and salted caramel popcorn, two more lindt chocolates and two brownies.. but that's not all - the bottom plate had two crispy spring rolls, two small sausage rolls and a chicken slider...
I really did try my best but I just could not eat it all, I left about half..  Oh well, I will know better next time  - I will stash all my choccies in my sample bag, I will avoid the young man with the tray of goodies (yeah and I will not eat lunch...
Anyhow, it was a lovely film and I really think I could get use to being treated like a princess, it was so much fun.  Thanks girls for a great night, we will definitely be doing that again..


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  2. A group of us did go to see the movie and go out for dinner but it was nothing like your FABULOUS night out....

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun!! Was the movie any good??

  4. What a wonderful amazing time out!!