Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cleveland Quilt Extravaganza High Tea

Last Thursday saw The Tuesday Girls heading off on a road trip to the Quilt Extravaganza at Cleveland.  The event was being held to raise money to help towards the children they sponsor in Africa..
I would love to say that this was the main reason we joined in with this event but it probably had more to do with the fact that they were putting on a high tea...(this sounds more like us)..
What do you think these two cheeky girls are up to??  Maybe while they are distracted I can just pop a few of those tasty morsels into my bag...
Of course there was a ton of laughter coming from our table..we did share the table with another group so maybe I can blame them for the noise level at our table..
There was a cent auction on the day and Miss Helen did rather well, collecting a few goodies.  Norreen came home with four floral mugs and Teresa and myself, well, we came home empty handed.  We didn't mind though..
Joy Coey was one of the hosts for the day, and it was great catching up with her.   She was most impressed with the number of winning tickets held by the ladies at our table...
After our high tea, we headed to Bayside Stitchcraft for a little retail therapy..
We finished the day with a visit to The Wishing Well.  A little quirky café that we have been trying to get to for ages but you see, it doesn't open on a Tuesday, and seeing as we were out on a Thursday, a visit was just a 'must do'. 
Oh and I did get a couple of fabrics from Bayside Stitchcraft while we were there..
Well that's all for today...catchya all later..

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  1. Nothing nicer than pretty cups, high tea and good friends....and a bit of nice fabric too x