Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Festival Of Nor

Wow, have we had a lot of Festivals lately and this week we find ourselves celebrating Nor's Birthday.  On Monday, three of us met for a bit of a walk around our area and seeing as it was Nor's Birthday she had to wear her party hat the whole time...  We look quite energetic in this photo, just as well it was taken before our walk and not after, we might not be seen still smiling..
On Tuesday we headed out for a road trip to Bella Paperie.  Yes, I know, the dark side is creeping in slowly..  No stitching today but paper crafts..  I love pretty papers and they take up so much less room than fabric...hehehe.
 Oh my, what a pretty shop, I am so glad I don't live close to this place or my purse would always be empty.

Too many pretty things...

I love this stand, I could imagine it displaying some of my Christmas decorations on it.

Just  check out the Beautiful Birthday Girl, I think she has is in her element... Looking forward to seeing your project finished Nor...

I worked on making some cards...
Here are some small ones..
Some Christmas ones...
A closer look..

Shopping, shopping , shopping.  I think I showed a lot of self control but I could not resist some pretty papers and gorgeous dyed laces..
Oh and a beautiful scarf - I am looking forward to winter so I can wear it...
I was so tired after our day but I had a ball just the same..Another fantastic day with great friends..
Happy Birthday
PS - Blogger is being a pain today and wants to put big gaps in everywhere and wont let me fix it..sorry about that..

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  1. I don't live far from this shop. It is hard to go past and not call in. Love it.