Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Festival of "Me"...Day 1

DAY 1. Saturday
Saturday found hubby and myself heading out to Warwick for a day trip and when one visits this lovely place, one has to have breakfast at the Garden Centre...
I don't usually eat a brekky this big but when I am there I make an exception..
After a exploring the town for a bit we headed off to Glenrose Patchwork (another favourite place) to visit.  These two places could be the reason I like Warwick so much..
I did do a little shopping - a new mug (from the Garden Centre) and - well - the rest from Glenrose.
Oh I have just realised - the two patterns came from The Home Patch via mail..
That concludes day 1 of my 'Festival Week"...wonder what else is in-store for me?...


  1. A good start to the festival - can't imagine what Tuesday will bring...

  2. GHi Sandi ,happy birthday my friend and what a great start to the festival of Sandi ,enjoy your day xx

  3. That breakfast looks amazing no wonder you make an exception when you go there. Love all the colours of the ric rac.

  4. Happy birthday.........enjoy the festival........I know you will......

  5. What a wonderful start to your birthday festival...happy birthday to you....