Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Festival of 'Me' - Day 5

Last night I had a "date night' with dinner and a movie was on the agenda..
We decided to go and see this.....

Now I will confess - on the way to the cinema I was having doubts as to whether or not I would like this kind of film.  After all, I was not born with any of those 'sporty' genes, just the 'crafty' ones.  The thought of sitting through a movie filled with any kind of 'sport' - well you can imagine what I was thinking (mainly that I didn't fall asleep during the film) but Event Cinema's had sent me an email offering two free tickets to the preview at the Springfield Cinemas.  So after some thought and a chat with hubby, we decided - why not - after all, it was being shown during 'My Festival Week' and we had nothing planned for this day. 
OMG - I had the most amazing time, the movie is absolutely brilliant.  Springfield cinemas were lovely and upon arrival, made us feel very welcome with drinks, food and snacks, and it was such a "feel good' movie that you just left the cinemas feeling all happy inside.  This movie had me from start to finish and at no time was I bored, I even think I shed at tear of happiness at some stage.  Anyhow - just go and see it - Please - it is a fantastic movie - Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman do a fantastic job and I promise, you will love it.
Before the movie we had dinner at The Beach House...yummy steak sandwich..
Of course there was a little dessert after dinner..  some chocolate truffles from San Churro..
Waiting for the movie to start...
That's it for today - Short and sweet today and  do yourself a treat - Go and see the movie..


  1. I saw the preview for it when I went to the lady in the looked pretty good and I am like you so not sporty....

  2. Sometimes its worth just grabbing an opportunity. Definitely not sporty here either.

  3. Glad you liked the movie - I'm going to a charity event to see it next week.

  4. Ah sew you let hubby join in the Festial Fun too... Great.