Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Festival of 'Me' - Day 4 - My Birthday.. Part 1.

You may be wondering why I have been calling it - The Festival - well I will see if I can explain it to you.  I will start with -  what a great excuse to spend time with family and friends and to also do some things that we might want to do but never find the time or make the effort to do.  Since losing a close friend last year, it has become more important to me to make the most of those around me - spend more time with them, laugh with them and even eat cake with them - to just plain love them.  I have been blessed in so many aspects of my life that I can feel the love heavy in my heart.  Now to more non-mushy reasons - "why not" celebrate ones birthdays, why should they last only a day... I cannot possibly spend quality time with all that I love in one day so by spreading it out I get to spend time doing and seeing as much as I can over a week.  As a bonus - I usually get to have cake more than once too..
We are all special and I think we should all embrace our wrinkles, our lines, our scars and if I must on occasion - my grey hair.. (well maybe until I see the hair-dresser again anyway..
And if I want to be selfish about it - I AM WOMAN - and that in itself is a big statement.  Just cause I have the title or mother or wife or cleaner or chauffeur or what ever, doesn't mean I am less important.  So that is why I celebrate for the week.  To celebrate does not mean I have to do big things either - to me - celebrate might mean something small like going to the movies or having a coffee with someone special, it might mean playing in my craft room.  Everyone has their own things that makes their hearts feel full and they have to work out for themselves what that is for themselves..
So 'The Festival of ....." is a week long  of making sure I am catching up with friends or family or doing something special and making sure I don't put it off again for another day...
Now on a birthday note - Hubby surprised me this morning with my pressie... two gorgeous new charms for my Pandora Bracelet.... these two charms are going to compliment the middle one which was bought  to remember my gorgeous friend - Chrissy.  Thanks you sweetheart - I love them..
I thought I would add another card here - My mother-in-law makes beautiful cards and every birthday we all - even the boys - cant wait to see what she as sent us...  Me being no exception to getting excited about opening my card this year, had it sitting on my table for a couple of days - unopened - well I just couldn't take it any more - I broke - so last night (a day early) I opened it..  Isn't it gorgeous.. Thank you Meg, I love it...
Well that's it for now... I have to go and get ready to catch up with The Tuesday Girls.  We did have something special organised for today but our plans have now changed due to a death in Norreen's family.  So I will miss you today Nor, my thoughts and hugs are being sent your way... Love ya heaps..We will catch up very soon...

That's all for this morning - more to come later..


  1. Wishing a wonderful birthday. Love your Pandora beads and you MIL's card is exquisite.

  2. wow Sandi this post really hit home with me and had me quite emotional,hope you enjoy your day with friends Sandi and sorry to hear about Norrs sad news xx

  3. Happy Birthday Sandi! Enjoy the festival, and I'm looking forward sharing it here.

  4. Love the idea of a 'Festival'Sandi- great idea, enjoy your week! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday and a lovely post about the important things is life...

  6. Some lovely mushy - but so true - sentiments there and before.

  7. Everything you say is so true - looks like you're having a great time with your family and friends.