Saturday, 16 April 2016


Hubby and I decided to meet up with his mother and brother at the Ipswich Antique Show last weekend.  Here we are sitting on the grass having a break. 
Wayne's brother, Cam, brought his own lunch all the way from the Gold Coast, this was quite amusing as he didn't pack it in a container but carried it on a plate. Upon retrieving his meal from the car, he realised that he had forgotten to bring a knife and fork..  So off he went back into the show to buy some.  He came back with the cutest little set which I inherited after he was finished with them..
I came away with three doilies to add to my stash in the craft room...
I was minding the grandkiddies on Thursday and Hudson found my 'birthday' glasses from the previous week.  He thought they were great..  I just had to add a couple of photos of Brayden sleeping, he was just too cute..
Yesterday we took the two grandkids to SeaWorld for the day..   Brayden and Wayne enjoying our much needed sit down..
Hudson loved everything... the fish, the stingray, the polar bears, the dolphins, the penguins etc... He did say that his favourite were the dolphins..
That's all today... No sewing to show you today, I have done some but have not taken any photos of it yet so maybe later during the week.. night all..

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  1. There's one in every family...Love Seaworld for the young ones.