Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Festival of Teresa - Day 2

Yep we are at it again.  Another road trip to add to the celebration of Teresa's birthday..  What to do first - why morning tea of course.   We are looking very contented in this photo, for we have just eaten a chocolate truffle and while I chose to have a tea, the girls had fancy chocolate coffees.
Don't you just love this photo - this is my truffle and I will say that it was delicious and I enjoyed every morsel of it...
Ok now to show you its actual
Teresa is looking very pleased with her selection...
After morning tea we headed to the movies to see The Lady In The Van.  I love Maggi Smith, she looks 'real' not plastic, and after a little research found out she is 81 years old. Way to go - I hope I am that active when I reach her age..
Now a little lunch is in order...  What should we eat - well I'm glad you asked - and the answer would be - A High Tea of course.. 
Nor and Helen looking very keen to have the photo taking out of the way...  I wonder why?
Teresa and myself acting very lady like - stop laughing - it does happen now and then..
Our lunch.. no words needed..
After lots of laughs and all the food was gone we decided to do a little shopping..  I came home with a new handbag and a cute Easter mug..
Blogger wont let me turn this photo for some weird reason so you will just have to turn your head, sorry...
 There are always gifts and here Teresa is holding a bunting I had made for her.
You would think that after all todays eating episodes that we could not possibly fit any more in but you see we have, only just today, learnt that humans possess and extra stomach for desserts only.  So to put this theory to the test the girls decided on having one of these each.  Helen is trying to decide just how insane this idea is but you know what - they ate them.  I chose a boring milk shake which to my pleasure was not very big, and yes I did drink it all - not sure if it classified as a dessert though.
Still laughing about the insanity of it all...  lol
Well I know I enjoyed Teresa's Birthday heaps - great movie, excellent foods and fantastic friends.
I am rather tired now so I will leave it here.  Happy Birthday Teresa - we love you


  1. LOL what a wonderful day...

  2. What a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone...special friends together on a day adventure.
    Happy birthday to Teresa... you all looked like you enjoyed it. xox

  3. Looks like you all had a great day.

  4. Hi Sandi i am so enjoying these posts,now what are you all up to today,lol xx

  5. A wonderful festival - and I'm sure its not over yet!!

  6. You ladies have the best times.