Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Let The Festival of Teresa Begin..

Well the lovely Miss Teresa of is having a birthday this week and The Tuesday Girls are delighted to be sharing some time with her...
Yesterday we started off on a road trip towards Cleveland and our first stop was at a pretty little café in the main street, after all we needed a little pick me up before any serious shopping could be done.
I had some yummy Banana and Walnut Loaf..
Then we headed off to one of Teresa's favourite places - Linen and Lace..
This is such a lovely photo of Teresa in the shop - oh and the shop is pretty too..
I did force myself to find some pretty things to buy - I came home with three gorgeous tea towels (not for the kids or hubby to and a little blue juicing jug..
We then headed to Bayside Stitchcraft for a little more retail therapy.. Note we all have bags...
I bought some pretty caravan fabric - not my usual cup of tea but I think I am evolving, some bias ribbon and some more 'orange halloweenie' fabric.  Now the orange fabric, or the novelty fabric for that matter, is really not my usual cup of tea.  I have only about three orange fabrics in my entire stash but for some reason these ones were talking to me on the day - I wonder if there was anything suspicious in my morning tea, it didn't look like one of those cafe's that make the sort of 'special brownies' your mother always told you to avoid.  Anyway a bit strange but this is what came home with me.
Now all that shopping is exhausting so we headed to the Grand View Hotel - not our first choice of lunch - Teresa's first choice was not open on a Tuesday - we should have checked but it all worked out in the end.
Lunch was delicious and filling (they made me get the drink - that's my story anyway)..
After lunch we went exploring around the hotel.  I love old buildings, so much history and beautiful craftsmanship.  Upstairs we meandered through the rabbit-warren of rooms. 
I am taking a photo here of Helen and Teresa but what you cannot see is that Norreen is behind me, taking a photo of me taking a photo of them... I know, we do get a bit silly and we did just have a heap of sugar for lunch.
Nor is practicing her skills - I think she might need to stay with stitching - sorry Nor, keep up the good work..
I loved this work of art...  so us...
Well we had a fabulous day, I couldn't eat my dinner as I was still full from the day, my purse a little lighter but not sorry there and my heart is very contented.  After spending the day with these gorgous girls how could anyone not feel special.
Oh I have one more thing to add - found this on facebook this morning and I just had to save it..
We all remember Helen during her Festival did a little pole dancing with a humungous candy cane, well isn't this cartoon just perfect.   Hehehehe 


Ok now I am really going - stay turned for more mischief later on during the week..


  1. what a wonderful post Sandi and what a special day out you had to celebrate Teresa birthday,looking forward to catching up with Teresa next week xx

  2. A fun day - I've seen that caravan fabric - its gorgeous. You will be exhausted (and broke) by the end of the festival.

  3. Great post..... very funny cartoon.

  4. Looks like the Festival of Teresa is a great place to be!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time