Saturday, 27 February 2016

Weekend At Hervey Bay

What do they call theses types of holidays - oh yeah - a mini break.. Well we are at Hervey bay this weekend for a mini break.  No reason, just seemed like a good idea.  
I will hopefully keep my chatting to minimal so here goes..
I didn't get one photo with the tide in so all my beach photos are with the tide out...  Not as busy up here as the Gold Coast.
Lunch at a local trendy chip joint along the beach... 
Behind the chip joint is a maze of board walks, a kids water park and sculptures, just to name a few things to look at.
I was really impressed with the sculptures - my daughter is standing beside the whale in the water park.  I also loved the water sphere which you could touch the water streaming down the outside.
Along the boardwalk were water facts - I only took a few photos but there were heaps..
Ok let's head to the ice cream shop - now which one... Too many to pick. Senses overload..
Mum and graham get around on scooters these day, that way they can get around instead of being stuck at home all the time.
We loved going down to the beach - when the tide is out you can be 200metres from the shore and the water is still ankle deep.  Not sure how fast we have to run if the tide turns though. Lol
Well that's it for me, we are heading home early tomorrow, oh and just thought I would mention- Maci came with us and she is loving her mini break too. ( I just realised that i haven't taken any photos of her playing, maybe I can get some tonight).   

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