Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Nice Surprises

The lovely Helen was a little naughty this week and before our Tuesday get together we were all informed that we were heading out somewhere for morning tea - no clues were given, no hints, just that we should be prepared for a little outing.  Even in the car we were taking turns in guessing about our destination.  Well it turns out we were being kidnapped for a Devonshire Tea at Devon Pixies Teahouse.  It was such a delightful surprise - pretty tables, pink glasses, pink marshmellows and gorgeous friends. 
 Helen's naughtiness didn't stop there, she also gave us all a little gift..
Helen had made each of us a beautiful needle case using teapot material.  You may remember last year for Helen's 70th we came up with a theme to celebrate her milestone. This theme was 'teapots' and the needle case was her way of saying Thank you to us and also gave us a special keepsake of the occasion. 
Inside our gorgeous needle cases we found a tag with a beautiful button on it, a pair of scissors and an
unpicker..  There was even a pretty teapot button on the flap of the pocket..
How lucky are we.  
To make our needle cases, Helen had to fussy cut some fabric...mmm words fail
 I hope she doesn't mind but here she is with her finished celebratory 70th quilt.  It came up perfect, we are very envious and are hoping one day we will have a quilt, made from the love of friends, to mark a special occasion too.
Oh Helen, you definitely surprised us and we are very thankful, but you really didn't need to cause we
love you just the way you are.. naughtiness and all, ya big old softie....xxxx

On the week end, hubby and myself went down to the Gold Coast, the weather was a bit overcast but that didn't bother me one bit.  The water was a beautiful temperature and we went for a lovely walk along the beach.  Our favourite spot is Nobby's Beach and it's usually busy but today we have lucked it and there were not to many brave souls around.  A little further up was the flagged area and so  that's where people congregated. After our walk we had some yummy battered hot chips (I can justify this as I had just done a walk - that's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it)..
We love the beach and hope one day to be living a little closer to it, but for now we will just have to make do with popping down as often as we can.. 
 On the way home Wayne bought me these gorgeous roses.   Feeling very spoilt at the moment - I have fantastic friends, a devoted hubby, and the kids didn't mess up the house too much while we were out.. yep life's great.  you may even say - purrfect...
That's it for me today, I have to head into the sewing room today and sort my stuff out for retreat on Monday -  orrr - I could head out for the day and catch a movie and do a little bit of shopping...mmm decisions, decisions..  I will just have to decide in the next 10 minutes, until then I will go and catch up on my 'stalking' of other blogs...  I'll see you all later..


  1. wow Sandi what a lovely happy post,how sweet of Helen to do that it looks such a pretty place,love that everything is pink.
    Doesnt Helens quilt look amazing,lots of love for her in that quilt.
    Oh your beach looks such a pretty relaxing place,and how sweet of Wayne to get you such pretty roses,oh decisions,decisions,lol,i wonder what you will do xx

  2. How lovely, looks like a great place. Lovely gifts. Helen quilt also such a treasure.

  3. Helen is a star, you have a wonderful group of friends

  4. What a lovely kind gesture of Helen's for all of you Sandi. Her quilt looks fabulous all made up.

  5. Loved reading your lovely post.. Helen is such a fabulous lady...
    Shame you didn't get to see the movie you wanted too but "The Choice" looks good.
    Nice jammies and enjoy your retreat.