Monday, 19 December 2016


I have had a couple of surprise parcels this week.  The first was from Jenny, of and she got me a beauty.
After a long day I thought I would settled down on my bed to have a much needed nana nap, and just before totally resting had this crazy idea that I should check my mail.. 
I opened the pretty envelope first and without warning, I was showered in little stars...  I just burst out laughing.  Yep, Jenny got me good, but as I messaged her - I have a long
Thanks Jenny for the giggle - I was still finding them days later...
My second surprise was from Shez , of  Shez sent me this beautiful Christmas ornament.  Thanks Shez, it was a lovely surprise and I have it hanging on me tree already..
Love it xxx
I think I am going to sit back and enjoy my coffee, especially seeing as I think I have got my blog up to date... for now...
cya all..

The Tuesday Girls Christmas Party and The No Fuss "Bah Humbug" Swap

Ok, so The Tuesday Girls are known for their celebrations and outings, and if you think we were going to let the fact that we have already been to Christmas parties and other celebrations this December, that we would not bother having our own party - well you would be totally wrong.
We did have a party but unfortunately one of the girls, at the last moment, was unable to attend.
Nor did have a good reason so we will let it pass this time, but next time Nor, there will be no excuses accepted..
We did the Bon Bon exchange again this year.. it is always soooo much fun listening to the girls relay how much trouble they had stuffing their Bon Bons..  These stories alone are why we still do the Bon Bon swap every year.. 
 My Bon Bon (lucky dip) was from Miss Helen.  We had to stuff into our Bon Bons five chosen items - 1..a fat eight,  2.. an ornament,  3..50cm ribbon or lace,  4..a button and 5..a treat..
I had no trouble at all stuffing my bon bon, I don't know what the problem was.. hehehehe
We then decided to open our 'Bah Humbug Swaps".  Cheryl from sent to me.  My parcel was wrapped in gorgeous red Christmas fabric, and inside revealed a very pretty mug, mug rug and, of course, treats...  Thank you Cheryl, I have already used my mug several times with the mug rug.  I did only use the treat once  
I made for Lyn "O'faigh" from 
I forgot to take photo's of my gifts so I had to rely on Lyn to put up one..silly me..
I did take one of it wrapped up showing the fabric I used.
 Some of us had these pretty little dresses on order and today we were able to open them..  Helen bought one a little while ago and it was so pretty, that the rest of us just had to have one... They are not very big but they look gorgeous hanging up..
 Present time - wow - lots of goodies everywhere.  Thanks girls for the wonderful gifts.. 
 After our busy morning we headed off to The Fox and The Hound.  I forgot to take photos inside this time round, not sure why because there is always something to look at..
Well, maybe I did take a photo of our delicious food, and of their famous 'foxy lady' drinks.  Oh my, I can only have one of these but I would love to be able to drink more...
I had a wonderful day with you girls, again....
Love you girls heaps - only one thing could have made today even better and that would be to have shared it with Norreen as well.  Sorry you missed it Nor, I am sure there will be plenty more in the future. 
Merry Christmas girls..

Helen's Birthday

Even though Helen was not celebrating a mile stone this year did not mean, any any account, mean that The Tuesday Girls were going to let it pass with doing something special..
Before we could head out for the day, we needed to do some very important pressie opening..
 Then it was off to Laidley and Gatton, some local towns just outside of west Brisbane..
This café was named The Rustic Rose, it was a gorgeous little café, right in the heart of Laidley..
I think this is one of my favourite photo's of Helen..  I had the macadamia cheesecake, which was a little different to most cheesecakes you buy, as it had sponge cake throughout it.  This made the cake very light and yes I would definitely have it again..  Norreen bought us all a pressie on the day - that's the photo on the top right of the pretty bottle with a wooden hand painted star on it..  Thanks Nor..
 Laidley is a pretty little town with lovely old buildings.  We did a little sight seeing around town, a little shopping and even managed a little tour in the Das Neumann Haus.  My favourite building though was the one - top left.. (it is being used as an office building for now).
It was a lovely day and I always have a wonderful time whenever I am out with this girls.  So many giggles and laughter, such close friends.  Life would be pretty boring without you girls..
Happy Birthday Helen...

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party

Our Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party was the perfect way to end our get togethers for 2016.
Before I can continue with the Christmas celebrations, I should mention the birthday girls..
We had four birthdays - Helen, Susan, Noela and Alison..  Happy Birthday girls, I hope you had a fabulous birthday...
The room was very fitting as it has a red carpeted wall, perfect for pinning some show and tell to and it also makes for very festive photos too..
Here is our gift table (secret santa), Alison showing us a bag she had finished and some of the Christmas displays..
 Susan and Alison had some quilts for show and tell.  Susan's quilt was amazing, one minute it was pink, then red and then it was yellow.  lol Nah only joking.  Susan has done this quilt in three difference colours.. 
Lunch was from the Local IGA and as you can see was very delicious.. We also had plum pudding and custard (no photo) and Teresa brought along some very, very delicious peppermint fudge..
My Secret Santa partner was Norreen, one of my very own Tuesday Girl.  I can tell you, it was very hard to not let on that she was my partner.  It felt like I had kept this secret
 I made this bag for her - the photos don't show the pattern in the black fabric unfortunately but you get the idea.  It has pockets in the front and a large one in the back and, of course, some inside..
My secret santa that I was receiving from was Susan.  How lucky was I.  Susan gave me this gorgeous bag, I love the colour, its gorgeous.  I also received an angel (Susan's signature ornie) ornament as well.  Thank you Susan, I do love them both..
Needless to say that there was lots of gifts from everyone, including a santa cupcake from Teresa..yum - this did not make it home... Thank you girls - the ornies are on my tree, the lollies and chocolates have been eaten, and the other items have been put to good use... 
Here is a close up of some of the gifts.. 
Thanks girls for a wonderful party and it has been a great year...looking forward to catching up next year..

Friday, 25 November 2016

Good-Bye Year 11

Our youngest daughter, Amelia, finished year 11 today and we are so proud of her.  She has done so well - getting high marks across the board, being awarded several 'Commitment To Learning' Awards over the year, ending the year with a 'Subject' award for  Mathamatics and to top it off, being offered a Leadership position as Captain to a group of sub-captains.  Way to go Amelia....
I will add here that although she could be anything she wants to be - as of late - she plans on becoming a writer of  teenage novels.  I feel this would suit her perfectly because she could read novels before she started grade 1.  She has always had a passion for books and I am pretty sure has read over the years, every novel in our local library.  So becoming a writer of some kind does not surprise me at all.
Amelia has the ability to obtain all this without studying... This, as a mother, drives me insane - I am always asking if she has studied for this or that and if she feels she has prepared enough for exams.  Upon being told by her maths teacher that she had the highest score across year 11 maths, her only reply was - "just think what I could do if I studied".  If only everyone could breeze through school like this.  I know I didn't..
Anyhow, to celebrate the ending on another year, we took Amelia out to the local Mondaze café for a special milkshake.  The grandkids were here today so they came too.
Here is Amelia with her - Choc Mint Milkshake - with her nephew, Brayden.
 Here is Hudson - just the look on his face when his drink arrives - priceless...
 Anyhow, enough bragging for one day... I hope all your dreams come true Amelia and I can not wait to read your novels..  We love you heaps...  1 more year to go!!!!!

Logan Alive Craft Show

This was the first time Logan hosted a craft show and Helen and myself thought it would be a good idea to check it out.  The Tuesday Girls had missed the big craft show held at Southbank this year so we were interested in checking this one out.  Unfortunately it was the first weekend after retreat and only two of us could attend. 
Here we are having morning tea and showing off our freebie magazines.  You might think that Helen's slice looks healthier than mine but you would be mistaken.  My slice is sitting icing side up while the other slice is up-side 
 We had a great time - both of us dabble a little in the dark arts (scrapbooking), so having the mixture of difference crafts on display suited us to no end.  We had a ball checking out everything, and were ecstatic to find one of our favourite shops had a stall there too - Bella Paperie.  We love this shop but unfortunately it resides on the other side of town and don't get there often.
I managed to find a few treasures. My favourite is the mug but then again the little handles were a great find.  The laced tablecloth - bottom left - was a good find and a bargain at $15 and I have the perfect spot for it. 
I am doing my best to catch up on my blogging - putting my posts up first then I intend to go and stalk a few of my favourite blogs.  I feel I am behind a bit with my reading of them but hopefully after today I will be all caught up..
Thanks Helen for a great day - if every you need someone to go AWOL again - I will be ready in heart beat...  xxx


The Tuesday Girls and friends had another fabulous time at our favourite Retreat Destination - Glenrose Patchwork.  There were, of course, heaps to eat...
The top left food photo (cant remember what it was called) was made by the lovely Susan for us to try - it was delicious.  Not as smart move on Susan's behalf because now we will be expecting this kind of treat from her each time we go...  Now if I can remember correctly - it is a whole camembert cheese, sliced in half, then bacon and onion was sandwiched in the middle and then wrapped in puff pastry..  Oh dear - the standards have risen quite a lot - thank you Susan for spoiling us..
Susan's creation - yummmmmmm
 Susan also provided a little challenge for us all - thank you Susan.  We had a ball making these - not sure of the technical name but it is a magnetic holder for your needle..
Here they are all finished - didn't they come up great... 
I cannot find a lot of my photos of what we were sewing on retreat - maybe people are not blogging much and I cannot steal their 
Anyhow I do have this one of a quilt that De made during our visit.
I worked on a Christmas quilt - here are some of the blocks finished..

This is what it will look like when I put these blocks together - I haven't chosen a border fabric yet but I'm sure I will find something to suit..
There were a couple of storms while away and as a result we were honoured with a spectacular rainbow.  Unfortunately my photo just doesn't do it justice but you get the idea.. every colour was visible...
On the way home we called into Glengallen Homestead.. What a beautiful old place, even with its cracked walls and stolen architraves, you can still see the beauty that was once there..
Such a grand old house...wish it was mine...
The rear of the building.
Here is what it looked like before people decided it was worth saving.. poor old thing..
                                                       Sitting on the veranda..
 My car buddy for the retreat - we look totally normal - don't be  I think we laughed all the way home...

 This was the little store outside the old building..
 Treasures found inside - beautiful vintage dress, modern toilet, mummified cat - what more could a woman want...
My favourite photo is the one of the hand rail at the base of the wooden stairs.. oh and how modern were they to have a marble bath tub..
De is re-inacting Gone With The Wind...
So many things to look at - I love these door handles.
Well that's it for me.  Hopefully I can track down some more photo's of the girls and what beautiful projects they were working on.  Thanks girls for a fabulous retreat, I am looking forward to our next one.  Thanks Nor for being my cottage buddy and Teresa for being my car buddy. I had a fantastic time...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Melbourne Cup

Another Tuesday another   This is becoming a ritual for The Tuesday Girls - not that I am complaining at all...
Helen and Norreen surprised Teresa and myself with a Melbourne Cup Themed party..  Those girls were very clever because I never suspected a thing and as it was I was a little late turning up on the day - boy would I have been disappointed if I had missed it.
Gorgeous photo of the girls before I arrived....
 The table was perfect - fresh flowers, fancy china, lace tablecloths, party hats and even a sparkling beverage - oh and some shortbread bikkies...
Helen made these gorgeous hats for us - and very sneakily, laden the tops with silver glitter so when one put her hat on our faces were dusted in sparkles.   I believe it was actually because the sun was out and we were all showing our true selves - we were all after-all looked all diamond...just like 
 Helen made Blueberry Pavlova for the occasion and Nor brought blueberry cheesecake...yum
Helen also made the 'horsey' place cards for the table... 
 Norreen raided her garden for the beautiful flowers that adorned the table perfectly..
 The race is on - I might add, we were laughing so much that we almost missed the race
Nor is taking this very seriously 
We decided to take a 'selfie' - this in itself was a challenge..  Teresa would set her camera up and by the time she sat down the camera would tip over and take a photo of the bench  This happened several times...and several practices before actually getting a group photo...
Teresa did finally get a pretty good photo of us all though - well done Teresa....
I am laughing to myself while writing this as I can still see us 'trying' to get this

Thanks girls for a fabulous day - I love you girls soooo much... we have so much fun together... and I know why - your just as crazy as I
Thanks Helen and Norreen for another great day...