Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Tuesday Girls Christmas Party

We have started today with no stitching, not a needle or thread or anything of the sort in sight.  After coffee and Christmas cookies (note we are using Helen's Royal Albert cups) it was time for pressie opening.  Talk about spoilt...  This could be a long post so I will try and keep things short..
From the beautiful Teresa, I received this gorgeous timber reindeer, he is already on display on my mantle.  Isn't he beautiful but that wasn't all - Teresa also gave me a very special Christmas ribbon.  I already have thoughts on what I want to use this for but will keep it under my hat for now..Thank you Teresa, I love my pressies..
The beautiful Helen gave me a gorgeous tin, which I might add I did eye off the last time we were out shopping together (very sneaky), a cookie and coconut chocolate spoon (mmm might have to hide this from hubby)  and a gorgeous set of books for display .  I will take another photo of the books to show how they should be displayed, I don't think you get the full effect from this photo, but trust me, they are beautiful..  Thank you Helen, I love them...
From Norreen, I received lots of things..   A gorgeous plate stand with cute birdie on top, a floral clock, handy notebook with a hidden pen, a beautiful tin and of course, chocolates...  I think I will store the chocolates in the tin and put them on the plate when I serve them...nah who am I kidding, they are not gonna make it to the tin..lol   Thanks Nor, I love everything..
After our present opening, we all jumped into Helen's car and headed to the Fox and Hound for lunch.  I would love to tell you exactly where it was but I have no idea what the suburb is called, but its kinda in the middle of nowhere, not a house or shop in sight and its at the base of Mount Tamborine, if you are really keen to know then google it...(yep I'm too tired to do it myself)..
What a great place, so much to look at...   Drinkies first... Foxy Ladies - oh and the drinks were called that too...
Check it out - Helen is drinking - we don't get to see that too often...
Oh my, this drink is delicious and it is (was) loaded with alcohol which sent us right off..(mind you, it doesn't take much to set us off).
Just check this place out...I want to stay...  I can see future celebrations happening here...
We were seated in the English room but with all our laughing nearly got bumped to the Irish room..
Maybe I could reserve this little corner for always and drink 'Foxy Ladies' - lots...
While we were "taking photo's", Helen wanted a photo of us "taking photo's", so I took one of her behind me.. kinda a selfie, I guess...
Nor was having some - Technical Issues - but we didn't let Helen spend too much time helping her out, after all, we are here to party, not think... Helen you have a strong grip on that glass, you should have another sip...lol
We chose the Christmas themed food, after all, this is our Christmas party... Turkey with vegetable..yum, I can recommend this to everyone. 
And what should we have for dessert, something totally different, Fried Mars Bar. As soon as the waitress put our plates down and walked away, we had had enough alcohol consumed to start with all the ' innuendo ' chat.  I was laughing so much I had tears streaming down my cheeks..  Helen had consumed the exact amount of alcohol that she started with the 'innuendo's.  I told you she was the Naughty one of the group.  My jaw hurts, too much laughing.
We got to visit with The Queen, lovely lady but she really does need to get out into the sun a bit more and her guard could use one of those ' Foxy Ladies' to loosen up.
A group selfie, what can I say, but boy do I Love these gorgeous girls...
Ok might be getting a bit snozzled here, just as well Helen has stopped drinking, someone has to drive us home and take non-blurry photo's. 

What a great day spent with gorgeous friends, great food, delicious drinkies, and lots and lots of laughing, oh and great pressies.  Thanks girls for everything, life would be so boring without you all.
I am one very lucky girl who can't wipe the smile off my face when I recall todays conversations..
I wish I could though cause truly, my face is hurting.   Love you heaps..

Ps..  This is a photo of Norreen's new colourful Batteries...does anyone else use this brand because I don't think I have seen them before...lol


  1. It really was a great day..... thought I would bust when the dessert plate came out..... still laughing about it. You lot are the best.

  2. Well that looks like a hole lot of fun...nice too see people enjoying themselves.

  3. Hi Sandi what an awesome post you had me smiling away,yes i could just imagine you all there and the fun you all had,so glad you all had such a wonderful time and i love all your gifties xx

  4. OMGosh you crack me up - the "Batteries" was the last straw!! a great start to an otherwise boring day at work!

  5. It was such a great day. I could just look at these photos over and over and I can't stop smiling. Thanks again for bring my bestie xxxxx

  6. Lovely day out!! Love that pic of Nor in the selfie... shes not real sure as to whats going on by the looks LOLOLOL!
    Cool batteries too.... multi-coloured ;) Did she really think they were? hehehehe