Friday, 25 December 2015

Santa Sack Swap

The lovely Cheryll from hosts the Santa Sack Swap each year and this year, I once again, participated in this swap.  Low and behold I had the wonderful Shez from as my partner in crime.  This huge box was delivered to my door quite early in the piece and I had to resist opening it, which for me was a humungous effort but I must say I passed with flying colours. 
Inside was this enormous santa sack...  goody goody goody - time to open..
Wow so many gifts..which one first...
Just look at this gorgeous tin. 
And inside the gorgeous tin was this.. I have seen these of Shez's blogs before but never thought I would have one of my very own.   Thanks Shez, I am planning on putting my LaPassacaglia bits and pieces into it..
The next gift was this cute stitchery of a reindeer, isn't he gorgeous..
Anther unwrapping had me finding four patterns.   Looking forward to playing with these next year...
Thanks Shez, are you trying to let me know I'm not stitching
Oh now this pressie revealed some luxurious pampering products...  Shez has been stalking me for a while because she is well aware of my liking to everything roses... 
Now for my main gift... beautiful bag made with gorgeous 'rose' fabric in the blues.. how pretty is this, such a great combination - blue - floral - roses - and a bag.  I love all my gifts Shez, you have spoilt me heaps...Thank you my dear friend...
I also have some Christmas balloons for the grandkids to play with but today has been soooo busy that I just plum forgot to give them to them so I will save them for next time.. you are very thoughtful thinking of them, thank you again Shez. 
Here is a photo of my gorgeous gifts all together..
As an extra bonus - Shez without realising it, has supplied a gift for Maci as well, for she has claimed the box. I tried to discourage her from getting on top but she just kept getting up
Maci says thank you too...
I made for Shez but unfortunately did that silly thing and forgot to take I will have to 'steal' some from her when she does her post...
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have had a fab Christmas...
Thanks again Shez, you have spoilt me rotten...


  1. Wow you have been lucky.....fantastic

  2. Hi SAndi ,so glad you like your gifts,I had fun putting this together for you,and boy you sure did spoil me,I am so glad we were partners,I am away at the moment for two weeks and I have done shedulled post ,so I am not sure which day I have posted your beautiful gifts,enjoy your Xmas day my friend xx

  3. You sure were spoilt by Shez. enjoy your beautiful gifts Sandi..

  4. How lovely, you have been spoilt. Lots of great gifts.

  5. You sure were spoilt! Lovely gifts!

  6. Hi Sandi..
    Thanks a lot for all the lovely gifts that I got from you in Chokkyblues SSCS swap :-) I just made a blogging about your gifts to me but I want to send you a thanks by mail but I could not find your you got a thanks in here instead..

    Once again a big thanks to you from me!

  7. Oh yum! That all looks lovely.
    Beautiful gifts.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. All lovely things Sandi - enjoy them - I'll bet Maci would be in the box if you left it open...