Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sunday Stitcher's Christmas Party

Wow, The Sunday Stitcher's Christmas Party is the first Christmas party for the year but also brings on the awareness of how little time there is left for the year too..
Before we get into the party mode though I have to get down to a little business...I was asked by Shez of http://shez-enjoyinglife.blogspot.com.au/  to pass on a gift to The Tuesday Girls..  Here is Teresa and Norreen with their gorgeous gifts (Helen left her gift unwrapped and at home)...  They are beautiful Shez.   I am in the SSCSwap this year and Shez and I are swapping to each other so I am not opening up my gift until Christmas - which is going to be really hard to be patient now that I have seen the girls gifts...but I will be strong - I hope..
Now to some party photos..
Maree, Noela, Alison and Marilyn..
There is a lot of chatting going on here..
There is a lot of food going on here too...
My plate of delicious foods.. .
My second plate of delicious food - ok my dessert plate..
My secret santa was Jeanette and this is the beautiful table runner that she made me..  It looks great on my table - perfect size and colour.. Thank you Jeanette - I love it..
There were a number of little gifts given out during the day and here is my 'haul'.  Thanks girls.
I did get a little stitching done, don't know how though with all the eating, chatting and gift giving..
Give me an almost finished 'M'...
I was secret santa to Helen and here is what I made her..
Helen was always commenting on a quilt that she had seen on facebook and how much she liked it, so I thought maybe a mini one for Christmas...
I also made her a candle mat - not a mug rug - and bought some Dusk candles/holder to go with it..

We also had two birthday girls - Helen and Noela.  Here they are checking out their birthday fat quarters..Helen looks a little toooo excited here....
Well that's all, I had a lovely day, spent with a group of beautiful girls, lots of delicious foods, some fantastic gifts and lots of laughter and chatting.  Thanks girls, it was a wonderful day..xx


  1. Hi SAndi,so glad the girls liked their gifts and Thankyou so much for playing mailman,lol.
    Wow what a wonderful day you all had and I love the bag Teresa bought back for you.
    Wow what a wonderful idea with the body shop advent calander it sounds like a wonderful idea.xx

  2. we certainly have fun days!!