Sunday, 13 December 2015

Parliament House

To celebrate the ending of the "Festival of Helen" the Sunday Stitcher's girls joined us for a high tea at Parliament House.  What a way to finish the week, I don't know about you, Helen, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the 'Festival of Helen"...
MMM...if we could stop chatting we might actually get a
 Ok - quick - take a photo in-between sentences..
Admiring the Christmas tree...

Beautiful balconies..this is the building the High Tea was in..

Don't you just love these rooms... the lighting, the flooring, the décor...
Lovely music coming from the corner of the room...  I had to pause for a moment when they played one of my all time favourites - Vivaldi's Four Seasons..

High Tea was delicious, the sandwiches were definitely my favourite though..
 We scrub up alright don't we?
After our meal, we took part in the tour being offered of Parliament House.  What a beautiful building, gorgeous staircases, chandeliers, the attention to detail everywhere you look.  My particular favourite room was the library although upon asking where the 'quilting' section was, the guide was unable to answer.  The library was decorated with 'olden' Christmas posters, drawings and books, would it be unrealistic of me to say 'I Want' one of these rooms. 
A fabulous day spent with a lovely bunch ladies, scrumptious food and beautiful surroundings..definitely and great end to the 'Festival of Helen'...  So now I am sitting here, wondering who will be celebrating the next birthday?  I love the 'Festival of .....   ' idea, I think we should all adopt it..
 PS... thanks Cass for letting me steal some of your photo's...

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  1. I thought some of the photos looked familiar!!! Lol It was a great choice and I am so glad you (Helen) stuck with Parliament House.