Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Let The "Festival of Helen" Begin

Our lovely friend, Helen, is having a very special birthday today...Yep she has made it all the way to 70, so The Tuesday Girls just could not possibly let this one slide by unnoticed..
You may be wondering why I have referred to this post as "Festival of Helen", well my son's girlfriend put me onto it - Michaela makes her birthdays last a week, referring to it as "The Festival of Michaela".   During this week she would do something everyday to celebrate, it might be brekky with a friend, a slumber party with the girls, lunch with her dad etc...but she does something everyday for a week - I love this idea, and what a lovely way to celebrate ones birthday even if we wish not to acknowledge the actual age of ones birthday..
Anyhow, Helen so far has had a High Tea with her eldest daughter on Monday, a High Tea with The Tuesday Girls on Tuesday and today she will be celebrating with her bowling group and family tonight, and of course, on Friday The Sunday Stitcher's are venturing out for a special High Tea at Parliament house.  So you see, to me, she is doing a 'Festival of Helen' week...
I am definitely stealing this idea for my next birthday..
Some present opening first..
The Tuesday Girl are very well aware that Helen loves Royal Albert - Old Country Roses, and everyone has been making 'teapot' blocks for a celebratory quilt in which she will put together.  The blocks she has received are gorgeous, I am sooo looking forward to seeing her quilt finished - again I might have to steal this idea on my next milestone birthday...
We decide to give Helen a Prince Albert Teapot ornament (did I mention she loves Christmas too) from The Tuesday Girls...a special keepsake.  There were other gifts as well but you can see them on her blog..
Putting it away here for safe keeping..
We started the day with coffee and cake..mmm I don't have any photo's of this - maybe I can steal some of the others later..
A little shopping after morning tea -  mmmm we found the lolly section.  I might add that none of us had a basket until we found this section and then we all had to have
After a little more shopping it was time for lunch...we are referring to this high tea as a practice run for the special one that will occur on Friday.. ok you caught me - any excuse is a good excuse for high tea..
What's this - phone calls during high tea - does she think it's her birthday and she can get away with anything...  me think
We all know how 'naughty' Helen can get, especially when she is having a 'sugar' high..
This next photo could have either of the following headings - you can decide..
1.  Helen only wants one candy cane this Christmas.  or
2.  Helen pole dancing.. 
Now we did do a little my defence - there was four of us..
That's enough of Helen's birthday...for now.   Helen - I hope you have a fantastic, totally scrumptious, absolutely wonderful
I have been opening my 'The Body Shop' advent calendar everyday and thought I would just add a photo of what I have found inside.. This is such a great advent and I love The Body Shop.
And last but not least, I absolutely love my new '2016 Daphne's Diary' diary. Lots of extra pages in it next year, from colourings, to puzzles, recipes, food/water intake etc...Looking forward to adding my scribble to it..
Well that's it for me..  pop on over to Helen's blog - and wish her a happy birthday and I shall post again soon..


  1. Hi Sandi how wonderful to be celebrating Helen's special birthday and as usual i love seeing what fun you girls get up to,wow i love the idea of the body shop advent calendar,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. I think Helen needs somethibg to do on Thursday!!! - you can't let her have a rest!!

  3. I was enjoying your lovely post and I do thank you for a lovely daybut I'm a bit worried now.......people will wonder what sort of person I am........I love ROYAL ALBERT not that terrible shhhhhhh I'll whisper....prince albert......OMG.......LOL