Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Christmas Get-Together

Today we celebrated Christmas with Wayne's family.  Getting all our kids/grandkids together in one place is always a noisy affair and to add some more adults to the mix, well, you can imagine the sound level in the room.
I will start with how the dining room looked pre-kids...
 My centre piece for the table..  A country truck decorated with gingerbread men and other knick Knacks..
The Tree with my Anni Downs Christmas quilt behind it..
 We were very fortunate to have a special visitor - Santa made an appearance and gave everyone a little gift to take home... I knew we were on the 'nice' list..
Santa was trying to encourage Hudson to take a gift, and in the end he did take it from him but he was very weary..
 Mike, Hudson, Elle and Brayden with their gifts..
Michaela and Jaxon with their pressies. 
 Wayne's brother-in-law, Ross and his brother, Cameron with theirs...
Santa wanted to visit the neighbour kids, he knew they were on the nice list too and wanted to drop off a little gift to them while he was in the area..
 Jacob getting his pressie..
Trying to get that perfect photo with our kids can be very trying..and lots of photo's, thank heavens for digital cameras. 
There is always one not behaving - this time it was Jaxon, he was pulling a face (back centre) and Hudson had his eyes closed...
 Ok maybe it is not just the kids that play up...
 Maybe this one will be better...maybe not...
 Getting better except one of the kids is half hidden... oh well...
Another rare photo opportunity - Wayne with Meg (his mum), Fran (his sister) and Cameron (his brother). 
 I thought this would be a good time to practice 'my selfies" out..   Not too bad...
MMM I'm getting the hang of these 'selfies' if only I could get the kids to behave...
 Now that's better...
 Another selfie...
While we had everyone together, it seemed like a good idea to do a birthday cake for Amelia, who has a birthday tomorrow...   Happy birthday sweetheart.  Love you
Well it has been a fantastic day, I love it when all the kids get together even if it does get a little noisy ( maybe heaps noisy), when great memories are made and shared and to hear the laughter in their voices.  It was terrific having Wayne's family come along today too and I don't think it will take too long for their hearing to return to normal.   That's it for today, I am planning on an early night...
Merry Christmas



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  2. Great piccies the naughty piccies best.

  3. What a wonderful day and looks like so much fun was had,happy birthday to Amelia xx

  4. Looked like a fantastic day!!! I really do understand about kids in photo's!! The older they get, the harder it gets!!! It should be easier!!

  5. Wonderful - that is just so "Christmas" !!