Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tasmania Day 7

I have to do 'catch up' posts for a while.  I was unable to post for a variety of technological glitches..so even though I am back as of tonight, I will post in order as per our holiday went until I am all caught up..
Thursday found us starting the day at The Cataract Gorge..here is my daughter having her hot chocolate before our walk..
After taking the chair lift across the gorge (and yes I did go on the chair lift - my husband tells me I white knuckled it all the way across - I have a dislike of heights but I did do it), we took a stroll around the grounds..  This tree was enormous but the photo doesn't do it justice at how tall it was..

 Here is hubby at the base, it doesn't look real does it?
 This little fellow was walking around with us or should I say strutting his stuff around us..
 Even his behind was spectacular...
 We walked across the Alexander Suspension Bridge (easily done after the chair lift)..
 You probably cant see it but there is a chair lift going across the middle of the next photo - the seats are the little while dots with the trees behind them... I did say it was high..
 Some pretty photos around the grounds..
 Couldn't resist taking a photo of these rocks at the bottom of a cliff...
 Looking across the gorge - can you see the chair lift yet...
 Side on view of the Alexander Suspension Bridge..
 Taking a ride on the Travelator up steep hill...I'm staying back here away from the window. Oh yes very funny hubby...
We had a little time to kill before our next adventure to I hunted down a store that Sarah from Patchworks Plus mentioned to me...
Design Inn was the name which doesn't tell you a great deal about what they sold but I'm sure the photos of the front will give it away.
 Have you guessed yet??
 You know I have a soft spot for Christmas stores, and I wanted to buy lots of things but I kept reminding myself that I only have so much luggage allowance on the plane...
 I love these Santas...
 Now you know me all too well and I did end up buying one thing, I couldn't resist this snow globe with the cardinals inside.. The shop owner did weigh it for me and it was only 1.3kgs.  I think this will be the start of a new hobby - collecting Christmas snow globes...
Time for our next outing...a little cruise around the Tamar River in Launceston.. here is the boat we went on.  We were so lucky, the voyage before us was packed with people and ours had only 4 couples on board, so we were able to move around as we pleased..

 A view from the boat, up the Gorge...
 Wayne's brother, Cameron flew into Launceston just to play some golf with Wayne while I did some quilty stuff..  Cameron arrived at 5.30pm and they drove straight to The Country Club golf course for a quick round before coming back to the motel.   Cameron had to get changed in the carpark to play...and I thought I was a nut when it came to hobbies but golfers are insane...lol
While they played golf, I met up with The Tuesday Girls (who flew in on the same plane).  After they checking into their rooms, which I might add was a gorgeous old building, we met up with Cathy for dinner at the Metz.  Lots of laughter and yummy food - I did say I was eating my way around Tassie.
Not long after I got back to my room, the boys (Wayne and Cameron), returned from golf - starving, so we all headed out into Launceston city hunting for food...
We came across a pizza and pasta joint which they felt was right up their alley..  While waiting for their food, they found a bowl on the counter with bags of lollies inside.   This started some sibling rivalry thing - one brother was trying to outdo the other with their finds in the lollie bowl...boys!!!
The shop owner mentioned she had more in a box out back and would they like to see it - of course - so as soon as she bought it out, the boys went nuts....you don't see us crafters acting like this (much)..
Lots of laughter and chatting while announcing their finds in the box...'child'  lol.
This brings us to the end of day 7....and yes I am getting very tired..

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