Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tasmania Day 10 - part 3

Now if you are not into golf then you may want to jump to part 2, but if you like countryside photos then you may like to stay and look past the golfers...lol
Ratho Farm and its many old buildings date back to the early 1800's, settlement dates were noted to be in 1822.
We chose Ratho Farm to stay at because of the golf course, I didn't know how much I was going to love this place too.  I will keep this post to the golfing side of things, that way my hubby will have photos in my blog book for a keepsake too.
Ratho Farm was started in
Wayne imitating the Ratho logo.
 Outside the Ratho Clubhouse, this is not in use anymore with golfers using the homestead to meet up.
 Wayne teeing off.  I'm not going to even pretend that I know which hole this was...
 Wayne again..
 Another hole..or is it par.?
 Looking down one of the greens..
 Cameron putting..
 Wayne putting..
 I love the Par markings - a pair of shears were makers for each par..
 A view from the course..
The boys played with sheep on the course during one of the holes. (I wasn't with them at that stage so no photos)..
 The homestead in the background.
 Cam waiting his turn to putt..
I need to add a story here.  There were two cows along one of the fairways - a mother and calf - you know the sort - I think they are highland cows - big horns, long hair.  Anyhow Cameron had had a bad experience with cows before, you see he is a surveyor and he recalled a time when he had to grab his theodolite and jump a fence due to an unhappy cow..lol We had a good laugh at this story and the jokes got a little silly when they boys and myself had to walk past the two highland cows..  They were very placid but Cameron made Wayne (his little brother) go first with me coming up behind..
The cows were not interested in us - the calf busily feeding until Wayne decided to 'Moo' - the mother cow raised her head and looked at us.  I laughed but growled at Wayne for stirring the cow up and Cameron nearly had an accident, and not of the good kind...  lol   We got past, not problem at all, the cows were very placid, I'm sure I could have patted them but I didn't..  Nice to know little brothers are good for protecting big brothers when needed.
I don't usually walk around golf courses, actually I think I have only ever been at hubby's local course once and that was to drive the golf cart and check out the scenery, but I thoroughly loved walking around this one.   The neighbouring fields held sheep and the lambs and you could hear them bleating as you walked around.
 Crossing one of the many little bridges.   I might add that usually when you walk around a golf course you don't have to close gates before you move on to the next par but here you do.  Ratho has been kept in traditional fashion where sheep came first so each fairway is fenced and the greens are fences again.  Lots of gates and fences.  The boys thought this was fantastic, referring it to being like when they were kids playing golf around the family home and having obstacles and 'out of bounds' penalties...  Not a serious game of golf (except for the sibling rivalry) and they did keep score and, in normal golfers behaviour,  shook hands when it was over.   Even though I am not their mother, I knew she would be pleased to see her sons having such fun and enjoying each others company. I know I would have been feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling when one sees her children playing so well..   (I might add this behaviour is normal for these two - but there is a lot of rivalry there too)..

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