Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tasmania Day 10- part 1

I had to leave the Friends In Stitching retreat today and head towards Bothwell, our next port of call..
On the way we stopped off at Evendale, there was a market going on so we thought we would explore the area..
I came across this absolutely gorgeous water tower (did I mention I want one like this for home -might have to check my luggage weight first)..
 How pretty is it - not like our modern plastic ones...
Ok on the road again, and about 45 minutes into our travels we found this place.. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called but it was between Poatia and Bothwell and in the middle of nowhere.  No buildings or people or anything, just this place..  It reminds me of Stonehenge..
 Each of the upright stones had a sculpture on it depicting something Australian.
The Tasmanian tiger.

 Here we have possums..
 A bird, not sure what kind though, maybe a parrot..

 An Eagle..
 There were many more and in the middle of the upright stones was a large flat stone with a wombat on it - you can just make out my daughter sitting on the edge of the stone...
 A very peaceful place and most likely has some spiritual meaning and I am so glad we came across it, one sign was all there was in indicate that 20 metres from the road this little gem of a place was hiding..
Ok off again, this time we arrive in Bothwell with some time to kill, so we decided to head to the Golf Museum.  Now, as you know, I am not a golfer nor do I pretend to be one but I did appreciate looking at some of the old golf items on display..especially the illegal clubs, but I will get to them soon.
Here is the old building that houses the gallery.
 Wayne having a play with a hichory shafted golf club. 
 Here are the illegal clubs I mentioned earlier... the one in the middle that looks like a comb is for in the sand (aka bunkers) and the one with the hole in the middle is for water..lol  I wonder if anyone ever got to use them...
Ok this is where I am leaving part 1 of day 10, as I have a lot of photos of the next place and wanted thought it best to split up my post..
cya soon
oops almost forgot this photo - councils all over Australia could adopt something like this - it would make life more pretty.. Tartan street signs - there were red ones too..

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