Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What Happened To September?

I don't know about you, but I have to keep reminding myself that it is October already, once again Father Time is playing tricks on me and I don't know where he put the last few months but I wish he would add some time to my year instead of making it disappear..
Hence my little catch up of the last couple of weeks..
The Tuesday Girls were tickled pink last week (well I think it was last week) with the unexpected little gifts from our infamous ChookyBlue...
We each received this love keyring/fob...I am calling it a fob because I want to attach it to my travel bag for when I go to Tasmania in a couple of weeks..
Thanks Chooky, you gift was perfectly timed, we all appreciated the kind thoughts you were sending out
The Tuesday Girls and Jenny managed to make it to the Craft Show again this year (as if there was any chance of us missing an opportunity to shop and eat)...
Jenny came down from Bundaberg to spend a day at the show and to catch up with us all.  Loved seeing you Jen, cant wait to we catch up again in Tassie..
This photo must have been taken at the beginning of the show because I can not see any of our shopping bags in view.   Oh and don't we scrub up well, looking good ladies..

Teresa and myself posing infront of some beautiful quilts.
I was lucky this year and went twice to the show but I only have a photo of my haul from the first day.. mostly practical items...
The second I bought some accessories to go with my new "Big Shot' machine...yes, I am one of those who dabble on the dark side - I confess - I love playing with pretty papers..
We have been starting our 'craft show visits' with this routine for a few years now, the first thing we do upon arrival to the show is to fuel up on one of these yummy yoghurt cups...just perfect..
On Sunday, hubby and myself did a little trek up Mount Tamborine to visit our favourite place - Birchgrove Nursery...after see a photo of Helen's prior visit and the yummy Devonshire tea she was about to tuck into, we just felt we had to 'copy' her...
There were soooo many yummy items to choose from, I think I need to go back and sample more.. always come away very satisfied..
Now a visit to Birchgrove always has me bringing home another addition to my Rose Garden..
This lovely one is called "Best Friends" in memory of the passing of my friend Chrissy..
There roses are so beautiful, makes me realise I need to water and fertilise more.  I have neglected them over the last month and now cant wait to get back into pampering them.
Yesterday, Helen hosted The Tuesday Girls at her place and we were spoilt to no end...
She was up at the crack of dawn (not her usual time of day) to make us these delicious scones...they were made with lemonade and they were soooo light and yummy...
Helen always has beautiful serving plates and trays but yesterday she brought out the extra-special Royal Albert set....ohh favourite is the heart shape bowl ... looks lovely with the jam..
Thanks Helen - I think this could become a regular event - I'm sure the others would agree..
I did get some stitching done - I have slowly been working on my Rosalie Quinlin - Christmas Bunting, and now have finished all the letters for the word Christmas.  Only need to complete the letters for Merry now and I can sew it all together..
Now I am going to finish off this extremely long post with a couple of photos of my grandson..
Hudson is modelling a 'flight jacket' that was worn by all his three uncles some 20 odd years ago..
I bought this jacket for my eldest son, now 25, and then each of his brothers wore it until it was packed away for keepsake.  Now to see my grandson wearing it brings back so many memories.
My daughter informs me that this is what Hudson is like when trying to take a serious photo of him,
so many expressions - I love it...makes me laugh...
Now who could forget my youngest grandson - 6 months...he has begun to 'talk' with Dad being his first can just imagine what he is relaying
Well that's it for me...October is already half gone - where I have no idea.   I'm off to Tasmania, as mentioned before, so I guess my posts soon will be of my adventures there, but hopefully if I can find some time, I will add another post before I leave...
Cheers everyone, hope you are all having a fabulous day...


  1. Nice to see you again...
    I think YOUR September went away with
    Where is this year going.... Oh well... on the happy side...we all get to Tassie that much quicker. Hugs xox

  2. Certainly a busy September Sandi. Love your new special rose. Helen and I share the same love of Old Country Roses I am drooling! How gorgeous are your boys. You will love Tasmania. Take care xx

  3. That rose is gorgeous - very special to you. Those boys are so cute.
    (PS Almost looks like you and Noreen had the fason malfunction this time.)
    Enjoy Tassie - I'd love a couple of weeks there. . . .

  4. Hi Sandi,love your happy post and i love that pic of Brayden,he looks so much like his handsome brother,thaey sure are growing up fast Sandi xx