Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tasmania Day 5

Day 5 saw us heading towards Launceston, first stop The Bay of Fires.
Another pretty bay.. I have mentioned this before but incase you missed it, the Orange on the rocks is Lichen not paint.
Very picturesque.
The water is crystal clear - but icy cold..
Checking out the water and rocks.
Look - it's an anemy, an anenomy, an anemone - a Red Sea creature... Lol
Lots of lichen.
Trying to take a selfie... Husband was acting the child...I'll deal with him later...
We took a detour along the way to Launceston, finding ourselves in George Town.. Now what should one do when they find themselves in George Town - I'm glad you asked.... Head to Patchwork Plus of course.  I met Sarah there.  Sarah owns Patchwork Plus and is also a member of Friends In Stitching, an online sewing group that I am lucky enough to be a member of.  I use the word " lucky" because they let me in the group before finding out how mischievous I could be, after all I am friends of the famous "naughty" one - Helen...this should have been a dead give away to my character... Lol
Now you might have noticed that during our trip so far, I have not made one purchase of the fabric kind, so today I got my fix.  I don't have a photo of the lovely Sarah or the shop - naughty me - I'll put it down to being 'over excited' about being in a fabric shop.. I will try to get one Later in the week.
Here is what I bought today..some pretty charm packs.
Some Sue Daley papers, a gorgeous fob and a beautiful pendant to add to my miniature quilt block collection. No idea why blogger has decided to turn my photos, oh well.
We arrived in Lauceston thus afternoon and after settling into our room decided to take a quick stroll around town.  You know me and buildings, well I just had to take a picture of this one.  I'd love to live in something like this, I'd even settle for - oh I don't know - maybe just the top floor... Lol (tell her, she's dreaming - busted - I'm watching The Castle while typing this). Great movie...
This will do for today, need some sleep and I've promised the daughter that we will go shopping tomorrow and I think I will need my strength to keep up with her.  
Catchya all later...

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  1. Hi Sandi i am enjoying the pics,you have been to some lovely spots,enjoy your shopping today xx