Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tasmania Day 2 continued...

After walking around the markets (3 times) and snooping down the lane ways, we decided to go back to Kelly street and follow where it would take us.. The street at the top of the stairs was like stepping back In time.  I could have taken a thousand photos of all the gorgeous cottages here and their beautiful gardens but I was in awe so much I forgot to take any..silly me.
I did manage to get a photo of the bakery at the end of the street... 
Did I go in??? Yep I sure did but this was mistake because now I HAD to buy something and by the looks of it, I think maybe two or three purchases was needed.. Now seeing I had had Brekky and Brekky dessert, what should I call this - morning tea?  Lol
Should I buy from this counter?
Or this one?
So glad Wayne and Amy are here, we bought three items to share later - yeah that's right... No room left in the tummy at the moment...
Another lovely building on the way back to the markets..
This one is a book store and Amy was in her element.  Book stores are her favourite place and we had trouble getting her to leave it..
We spent 5 and a half hours walking around the markets and looking at the buildings, what should we do now?  Mmm something that requires sitting - a ferry ride?  Yep this old girl looks interesting and they even give you lunch .
Views from the ferry. Mt Wellington.
Lunch was great, the ferry was great and sitting down for an hour and a half was fantastic ... Now what ... Road trip..
Sight seeing around Richmond..
I love the Richmond Bridge built in 1823 and I think it's great being a little on the wonky side...
 A walk around Old Harbour Town Miniature Village... 
More of the little village..
Ok just one more of the village..
Now I didn't take any photos but I did go into the Christmas shop and I know it's hard to believe but I did not buy anything, only because I wanted to buy everything and couldn't work out how to get it home.. And again I was marvelling at the old building housing the Christmas goodies...
 I'm tired now - at "home" ( for the night anyway ) and I want to fondle my purchases - can't show you what I bought cause some of it are for gifts..
Mmm I think I bought some Tassie fudge, now where did I put that bag?


  1. Hi SAndi,oh you are having way to much fun,lol Thankyou for sharing your adventure,I was hoping you had taken pics of the Xmas shop,lol,enjoy your rest up tonight xx

  2. I loved the little village too..... we spent ages there.
    Enjoy yourself.... love the photos.

  3. Oh fab pics!!!! How lovely is Tassie!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. Beautiful photos...have a super time x

  5. Wonderful pictures for us "stay at home-ers" really would love a trip to Tasmania one day - this just confirms it. Please keep posting - we know you are having a fabulous time!