Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tasmania Day 1

Our flight to Tassie went off without a hitch ...
Looking out the window...I can see Tassie..
Now what should we do?  The weather is great so let's head up the Mt Wellington..
Wow, this place is amazing.. 
Amy fell in love with the landscape and I don't blame her.. The rock formations had me mesmorised - And the views - unbelievable...
Amy climbing some rocks...
Amy with Hobart in the background..
Just check the landscape out, the rocks are gorgeous - yep I'm hooked too.
Ok now what should we do?  Road trip south..
Heading south of Hobart we found The Apple Shed... I have seen this on TV and new I just needed to pay them a visit and a good place for afternoon tea..
Check out this old truck, isn't she a beauty... Mmm I wonder if I could sneak it home - might have to increase the "extra luggage" a little..
That's it for today.. The scenery from Huon to Flanklin is perfect, I could live here - no problem at all, but I have heard the winters are a bit cold...
Cya all tomorrow ..

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  1. Hi SAndi ,glad you all got there safely,love the pics.xx