Monday, 4 May 2015

A Little Catch Up

We this is annoying, I have just done a whole post and saved it only find it is gone, so now I am having to type it out again..and the first draft was sooo witty too...this one with just have to be a quicky...
Last month one of The Tuesday Girl's celebrating her 60th birthday. Here is our beautiful Norreen with a cake that looks like its going to set the fire alarms off, and Nor blew out each and every one...
Happy Birthday Nor..xxxx
The following weekend had more celebrating for Nor's Birthday.   We had a mini break at the Gold Coast... Here we are starting the weekend off with a High Tea..The name of the place escapes me at the moment but can you see the lovely teapots in the back ground...I wish I collected teapots, because I think I would have been very happy to come away with even just one.
Helen hiding behind one of the food stands...she is looking a little too excited there, doesn't she???
Family stuff...I have been spending some time with Elle and my new little baby grandson, Brayden.
I had to take this photo because he was having such a lovely conversation with his mummy..
Still chatting with mummy...
Still chatting, I think this kid has the gift of the gab...
I, as you know, had my birthday last month too and here are my pressies I received from the Sunday Stitcher's...Thanks girls, they are beautiful, I can not wait to get into them....I'm such a lucky girl..
I have also, like a lot of others out there in blog land, received my Farm Girl Vintage book from Lori Holt.   I have been so excited to get this and couldn't wait to see what Lori had installed for us with her stitch-a-long...
Here is my first blocks for the stich-a-long...every Friday we will be making more blocks from the book...
I am finding it weird sewing with such bright fabrics, not my usual colours, that's for sure but I love this book and am determined to keep up with the brights...
Lori's book is so easy to use to, makes it more enjoyable when your blocks turn out the way one wishes...
I am not sure if I have showed these before but if not then I have finished my little Natalie Bird purses...well three of them.  I think my favourite is the chocolate one..
Oh and while we have been chatting about birthdays, I forgot to post about another Tuesday Girl's birthday. Don't know how I forgot, so sorry Teresa....
Teresa celebrated her birthday in March (I told you I have been slack with posts lately)..
Happy Birthday special lady.....xxxx
Well that's all for me.  Sarah from Patchworkplus in Tassie and Friends-In-Stitching has been harassing those of us in the group who have been stack at posting regularly.  So I dedicate this post
to you Sarah, thanks for that kick...I will try to post a little more



  1. Thanks for the dedication Sandi LOL.... Though you are not on the bottom of the list hehehe!
    Lots happening in your world! Love, love, love those NB purses! Great work!

  2. Happy birthday Norreen ,Sandi and Teresa,laugh at all the candles on Nors cake,lol,high tea looks fantastic. Oh your little guy is so adorable Sandi love the pics of him talking to his mum,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  3. bout time you posted..............lives a ball with you and the girls............

  4. Sometimes life is jsut too busy and there are too many distractions - I have let my blog posting drag along too - nice for a catchup and lovely to see the new little one.