Saturday, 21 February 2015

Warwick Retreat - Part 2

I should have put this photo with Part 1 of my retreat post as this was the first thing we did upon arrival at Glenrose, and what a nice way to start a retreat.   Scones and a cuppa, served inside the Patchwork shop, oh and a few giggles too..
Now this next photo is a sample of how one should shop.... 
Step 1 - find a lovely little shop, in this case, Canning Town Patchwork, that you feel inspiration just oozing from the shelves...
Step 2 - find a particularly lovely area that just screams for your undivided attention..
Step 3 - Cop a squat or in simple terms - sit on the floor, but make sure you can reach the 'must touch'
             items in question..
Step 4 - Listen and fondle anything in reach that sings to your heart....
Step 5 - Make sure no one will step on
Shopping is just so tiring....

As you can see that the above 'squatting' worked fabulously, because here are my purchases..

I seem to be in the habit of buying myself a new mug at each retreat and this time was no exception.
In fact this time I bought two...mine has the roses on it and the Paris one is for my daughter..
The little bunny also came home with me (something to put away for Easter)..

I just fell in love with these fabrics from Glenrose...and felt that I just HAD TO have them...and the Purple Thang, strange name I know, but this will come in handy in my sewing kit as I am sure the more I get use to it the more it will become a 'must have' tool...

I was in love with the above fabrics so much that I used some of them straight away...Here
is 'another' zippy pouch and - what's it called - ummm - you know the case with all the zip pockets in it.  Oh well, I am sure you know what I am talking about...
Norreen gave me this beautiful heart decoration, I think it matches my fabric perfectly...thanks Nor..

Another purchase from  Bryson's, a beautiful creamer and sugar bowl. 

I gave all the girls a mini mason jar upon arrival to Glenrose...inside I put a few miniature items - buttons, thread, heart pins, ribbon, etc .  In the parcel were two packets of Mini Oreo's and a small printed panel.

We that's it for me.  I have my Grandson's Birthday Party today. His birthday is actually next
weekend but that was cutting it a bit close to the estimated arrival date of his new little brother.   
So today, if the rain will play nicely, will be full of the sounds of laughter from a three year old...
Hope everyone has a fabulous day too..


  1. Another great post- thanks Sandi - hope the party went well!

  2. Sandi, all of those goodies were definite must have purchases, love them. The fabrics are gorgeous and there could definitely be some wonderful mixing and matching amongst the piles. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day Sandi - glad to see that I'm not the only one who perches on the floor of a good shop in order to see Everything!

  4. looks like you all had a great time. Where is Cannondale, looks like a lovely shop.

  5. Wow SAndi Thankyou for sharing your wonderful day,what an awesome retreat xx

  6. What a great few days you girls had. I hope your grandson had a fantastic birthday party.