Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Natalie Bird Workshop

The Sunday Stitcher's were treated to a workshop with the lovely Natalie Bird..
Before we left for our workshop though, The Tuesday Girls were given a special gift, why, well for no reason apparently, except for the fact that Helen loves us...
Helen made each of us a beautiful little bag..mine is just it, Thank you Miss Helen..
Here we have the lovely Natalie Bird, standing in front of one of her displays for the day...

Some of the Sunday Stitcher's had 'show and tell', of course they were all Natalie Bird projects finished previously..

Our fearless leader, Maree, made an exceptional job at feeding us all for the day..
I loved these cup cakes sooo much that I had two during the course of the day..(if you don't tell my hips then I wont tell them)...they were absolutely delicious, I wonder if she would make them every time we get together...

Just look at the spread Maree put together for us and this is only morning tea...
I had one of those, and one of those and oh, one of these..hehehe

I did manage to get (steal) a photo of Maree in the kitchen.  Check out our lunch....yum

Here are the projects we all worked on for the day...Mine is almost done, so I guess now it can be added to the UFO   only joking...I will (cross my fingers) get it finished, some day...

We all had a wonderful day,  Natalie was lovely, our fearless leader was terrific, our bellies were contented (or should I say - extended) and the company of the girls was exceptional...all in all a perfect day.   Boy am I tired....maybe as a suggestion - next time, it might be a good idea to include nana naps on the day for everyone...mmm maybe not...
Cheers all


  1. Unos trabajos maravillosos y menuda merienda !!!!!!!!!!
    Besos desde España.

  2. Hi SAndi what a wonderful workshop and the food looks Devine xx

  3. It certainly was a great day........ and yes I do luvs ya.....