Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hudson's 3rd Birthday Party

IMy grandson celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Super Hero themed party.  He went as 
"Super Huddy" and wore  a yellow cape, wrist bands and the letter "H" on his shirt.  If you haven't guessed it by now, you will see that yellow is his favourite colour...
He also had a special "super hero" cake made by his Aunty Kate for the Occassion.
Can you see the little red cape in the top of the cake, seemed such a pity to cut into it but alas it must be done. 
We decided to dress up too.  Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No - It's Super Nan and Super Pop.  Hehehe
( is that what my hair looks like from behind?)
Hudson's favourite activity would had to have been the ball pit... He kept diving in and burying
Himself with the balls...
I will confess that I got into the ball pit too ( no photo's though, I destroyed the evidence).
Still in the ball pit...
Playing - Pass-the-Parcel...
My lovely daughter...and just look at me... A super hero should never take their mask off unless they need to put their glasses on..   I know for a fact that one can not wear
Youngest darling daughter, mmmm might have to borrow her whip later, just might come in handy..( to control the kids of course...).
What a fun day.  Super nan was not afraid of anything.  She climbs through obstacle courses, fires foam balls out of cannons, and slides down the tallest slides... she can do anything ( especially when she knows she can go home for a nap.. Lol).
Ok that's all for me..
Happy Birthday sweetheart 💋


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Hi SAndi oh I missed this post,happy birthday Hudson and boy that cake looks awesome ,I am impressed super nana with all the things you did,lol,what a wonderful day for your little man xx