Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Who can believe that we are already nearing the end of January, it's so close I can actually taste it..
The Tuesday Girls have started a Christmas wreath, with plans on making one part each Tuesday...
This was great in theory, and after a very slow and stress day trying to figure out what on earth we were doing, we finally got into a bit of a rhythm and now are finding them easier to do...
Here is my Santa partly done.
And wha he looks like finished...
The following week we all worked on the snowman... He's looking really smart all decked out with his hat and scarf...
Today we worked on the presents... I was like  on sugar or something cause I managed to get both done... 
While Teresa and myself were working on our pressies, Helen was helping Norreen with her blog...
Does it look like things are going well....I don't think so...Norreen has one of those personalities that
Repels technology...and for the past couple of years has had one drama or another ... Today was no different...  
Helen was very patient and spent the day trying to sort it all out, whereas Teresa and myself had a case of the sillies... And no sugar was involved at all..
It started when Helen was using some 'special' words while conversing with the iPad.   Teresa and I started changing the words, this lead to us repeating the phrase " what the frog " over and over again... I told you we had the sillies...
Then we tried - using our icons - to decide which one looked like a 'wan#er'.   Well things just seemed to get sillier and sillier...we both were waiting for Helen to throw something at us, but she didn't, she loves us even when we are kinda stupid... 
We all love Norreen too, she makes us laugh even though Helen looks like she has a really really bad headache...lol.   Hope it's all fixed now and you can blog to your hearts content...
I have finally done my very first Lucy Boston block...  Sewing the pieces together is easy, but choosing the fabric takes me forever.   I hope this part gets easier..
I have also been doing a little secret sewing lately, but more about this later.
That's all for today... Catchya all later.  Xx


  1. you lot sound like you have way too much far, even though Helen looked a little stressed in those photos!
    love your first LB block, great colours!
    and those gorgeous little decorations for your wreath are so sweet!

    1. Hi Julz, does it take you ages to choose your fabrics for the Lucy Boston? I can sit all day and play with fabrics before FINALLY deciding on something...drives me nuts...or maybe I just am thinking about it too much...

  2. I can picture that!! I hope Helen has Noreen sorted now...I think maybe the presents should have been week 1 - they do look a little simpler.

  3. Hi SAndi wow I am loving how your wreath is coming along and I also love all your beautiful work,oh I hope Noreens blog is okay now and how lovely is Helen helping her.xx

  4. Hi Sandi, I saw the Bucilla and thought that looked familiar. I did the Christmas Wreath only a few months ago. You will love it, like all Bucilla's it comes together beautifully. There is a picture on my blog if you are interested. Good luck with it

  5. You girls always have the best time. Helen is patience personified!

  6. Sandi, your father christmas and snowman are gorgeous and as for your Lucy Boston-wow. I must get my act together and do one of them to see how I go.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Lol....love your Santa and other little Chrissy items...so cute. I love getting the sillies it's such fun. I hope the blog worked out and can you let me know what the blog's name is so I can visit? I'm sure it will be full of fun things.
    Cheers, Anita.