Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Day Out To Montville

Hubby has been on holidays and youngest daughter was starting school the following day, so a last minute road trip to the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands was going to be the thing to do..
Our first stop was to the lovely Poets Cafe..
We sat with our morning tea on the veranda so we could take in the views while eating our meal..
Darling daughter sampling my tea after devouring her own meal - vanilla slice and chocolate milkshake (chip off the old block that one)..
Now this shop is the reason for the chosen destination on the day, "Christmas On The Hill"..
I was not disappointed, christmas, christmas, christmas little eyes could not get enough.  I think I even gave a little moan or sigh when leaving the premises...
More christmas.
But wait - there's more... I did restrain myself to a degree (after all, didn't want hubby or darling daughter see their mother go totally nuts)..
We then headed to the local waterfall lookout.  I can not remember the name, I think this is because it was over-loaded with christmas stuff to remember the trivial things like this..
There was a slight drissle hence the umbrella but that was ok because it was a nice change to the heat we have been having in Queensland lately..
Off to Melany next where hubby and I found this little cheese shop, and no I can not remember it's name either but I do remember the name of the cheese that I chose - double smoked truffle brie..
I guess my brain only stores the important things it feels I need to remember..
This shop was for my daughters benefit.(told you - chip of the old block).  Mental note: stop using that phrase because that would mean that I am "the old Block", doesn't it?
We then took a tour around the Glasshouse Mountains.  I did try to get a good photo of the views but the weather was dull and the photo's could not do it justice, so I chose to take a couple of photos of their photos.  Did that make sense, well it did for me...
I stood for ages just looking out and taking it all in... it certainly is a beautiful country...
Now I know you have been wondering what I bought at the christmas shop...
Here are my 'controlled' purchases...
Two little elves sitting on cotton reels stitching teddies...I think these were made just for
A set of christmas magnets, a cute timber painted mitten and a cardinal sitting on a post..
That was all I bought there, told you I was well behaved besides they do have an on-line store and hubby has to go back to work
This morning darling daughter started year 10...she is beginning to look all grown up...sob sob.
Amelia is our youngest of five kids and the thought of how close we are getting nearer to NOT having to do the school run etc is over whelming..   Only three years to go...and yes we are counting down...
I just have to finish this post with a couple of photos of the roses in my garden...this one came out to bloom a couple of days pretty.   Do I leave it in the garden or bring it in to my bedside table to be admired up close?   decisions decisions...
This one has not shown itself properly to the world yet, maybe it knows what I am thinking of doing to the other one...I will check on it again tomorrow..
Well that's it for me...two very big days..and another couple of big ones to come...all family birthdays so for those who only visit my blog for the sewing stuff, then I apologize now.  I will get into my sewing room eventually.  
Cya all


  1. A lovely day....three years to go...not long really though of course year 12 is the killer.....

  2. What a great day Sandi. You did well to purchase only a few things at that Christmas shop. Your roses are beautiful. Hugs......

  3. Great post you Old Block!! 😉

  4. Lovely way to spend a day with your hubby and daughter plus you got to go shopping....even better. I love putting a face to my bloggers so thanks for the photos.

  5. Ow Sandi, how exciting. I have actually been to Montville and loved every bit of it. The Christmas shop is brilliant and I can't blame you for feeling the pull into the shop. Great family photos. Your roses look beautiful.

  6. Very impressive showing so much restraint in the Christmas shop - I would have been in trouble there and also the cheese shop.

  7. Lovely day out. I'll have to visit that Christmas shop. They sell Jim Shore. :). Hugs, xx

  8. Montville and Maleny is a lovely day trip...lots of happy piccies enjoying the day. Adorable Chrissy buys xx

  9. Thanks for sharing your glorious photo's, Poet's cafe looks too yummy, so
    does Christmas on the hill. I bet you stayed there for a while. lol
    Cheers, Anita.