Monday, 8 December 2014

Winterlude and Pressies

I have been wanting to make this table runner for some time and have finally finished the top..quilting may just have to wait until next year.  I should learn to check sizes on patterns before I sew anything as it turned out to be a lot bigger than what I had first thought...
It is freebie pattern called Winterlude and it's 51" x 25 ".  Very hard to get a good photo...
I had a surprise visit from the postie today and he left me this HUMUNGEOUS parcel...

I am in a couple of on-line swaps and have been really patient with not opening any, waiting of course for the 25th.. But now I feel like a kid in a candy store and just want to jump in and rip the wrapping off of everything....
I didn't .... I held off (for now) I can not promise anything when tomorrow comes
Or the next day...
I have put them back in the box... But the little one just wants to be fondled just a little bit more.
That's all for now.   I going now to do 'nothing' absolutely 'nothing'...definitely no fondling here... If I close my eyes does that count as looking???
cya xx


  1. your runner looks great. looks like a lovely surprise package.

  2. Love the runner Sandi..... how tempting for you..... be good.

  3. Hiu Sandi ,love your runner its gorgeous and how exciting with all those parcels there to open,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  4. Wow what a great runner, big as it is, Sandi. Your piecing is so neat...
    No squeezing, fondling, pressing or shaking! Leave those pressies just a bit longer!

  5. Love that runner. Ooo lovely parcels. Can't wait to open mine. Hard not to. Hugs,xx

  6. Ahh go on. A little squish won't hurt Lol! Your runner is lovely xx