Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ivy Maud Bemi

My beautiful grandmother passed away this week and I just wanted to put a quick post up with regards to this...
She was a lovely lady, whom I always try to model myself from...   Grandma always had time for us, and would give us the world if she was able.   I don't have one memory of her being cross with us and getting annoyed with anything we did.  
She was like this with everyone...I have heard stories of when I was a baby, she and my grandfather owned a shop at Balmoral Heights, anyway, they did not do very well with the shop because during hard times, she would always give customers credit and never tried to get them to repay anything..this story sounds exactly how I remember her.   
Grandma always made us pikelets in the shape of our intials...and we were allowed to help too.   We were allowed to go through the kitchen cupboards for our pretend play and to wear her jewellery when we looked through her gorgeous jewellery box.   
In my young adult life, she gave me some of her treasures which I have kept most of them and passed the others down to my daughter.  
Grandma left me a portrait of herself when she was a young girl...I am tickled pink to have it on my walls and hope one of my kids will cherish it in the future too.   It was hard to take a photo of it because the glass in it is domed, something I am sure will be hard to replace if something ever happens to it...(so don't want to think about that)...
 I think I could ramble on for pages and pages with regards to my grandmother,  I miss her heaps and promise to always live my life as she would have wanted....
I've got to go now, getting too emotional to write any more....Love you Gran...xxx

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss Sandi. Having had a darling Nana myself I know the hole it leaves in your heart...best to fill it with all those beautiful memories...sending hugs xx